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If you are an adult, or a kid who is interested to play ROBLOX (show this to your parents if they wont let you sign up!), you might want to give this a read.

In this article I will share with you what ROBLOX exactly is.
A lot of kids play this game, and it is very popular. That raises some questions, but mostly, what is ROBLOX? And, can your kid play it? Are Roblox games safe?

Lets take a closer look at what ROBLOX exactly is.

ROBLOX is a game made by The ROBLOX corporation.
It is a big multiplayer game where players can make their own games.
Over 30 million players play the game each month!
Roblox started on 2006 and was created by David Baszucki and Eric Casse.
So many players, is your kid safe on ROBLOX?

Roblox uses an excellent filter right from the start.
If you sign up for your kid on you can help him or her with registration.
You will get a lot of questions right from the start. Answer them truthfully. Especially age because this determines if the player can have access to the chat!
If your child is under 13 the chat will be disabled. Making sure no one can contact them and they can not contact others.
Chat enabled on roblox games

Chat disabled on roblox games

After signing up you can set the email to your email to make sure your child can always reset the password if necessary.

What if I choose over 13? Will the chat show everything?

No it will not. Roblox uses a robust system that makes sure every single bad word will get filtered with a "####" to make sure no one will see the bad words. Everything from addresses, cellphone-numbers etc will get removed by the filter. Your child is safe online from potential dangerous persons.

Do the games have profanity or gore?

Also a No, they have not. ROBLOX has hired moderators whose sole job it is to make sure players will not get in contact with material that is not child friendly. Every single item in every game gets approved before hand.

Does Roblox cost money?

The game is totally free till you decide to spend money.
If you want upgrades in certain games, or special clothes for your avatar you can decide to invest money for that.
There are certain upgrades available from the store.
Click to see prices on the ROBLOX website.
Free members also do not have access to extra items and certain features. However Roblox is totally playable without membership.

What can you do on Roblox?

Play games! Our whole website is dedicated to finding fun games to play on Roblox.
There are puzzlegames, action games, fight games, adventure games and much much more.
Take a look around and take a look on at Roblox's website

I wish you a lot of fun playing!


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