How to get free ROBUX

This is a guide on how you can get ROBUX, or a membership on ROBLOX.
First off, free ROBUX does exist, but you need to do work for it.
All free ROBUX sites that ask for your information like passwords and usernames are a SCAM and will be treated as such. This is a statement of ROBLOX on the ROBUX generators.

 If you want to get free ROBUX you should NEVER give your ROBLOX information. These sites will save your information and hack into your account to spread the scam.

Below you see an example of a ROBLOX scam.

Never go to these sites, as they will steal your information!
You will loose all your hats, inventory items, ROBUX and TIX and even your account if you have not registered an email! (After the guide I will post a few steps on how to protect your ROBLOX account against hackers).

NEVER download a hack. They will NEVER work and will NEVER give you ROBUX!
These hacks are fake and they can not give you free ROBUX.

But how do you get ROBUX then?

Follow the steps below!
I will assume you use Google Chrome with Adblocker installed.
We collected the best LEGIT ways to get free ROBUX!

1. Sell tshirts!
If you have builderclub or up, you can get free ROBUX by selling items in the store.
Click on the develop tab, and press the item you want to put for sale.
Click the correct options on how you want to sell it and for how much and you are ready to go!
Make sure to promote your items on the ROBLOX forums.

2. Make a cool game!
There are unlimited guides out there to get you started on your first game on ROBLOX.
Download ROBLOX Studio and get started. They even have scripts for lets say a tycoon that you can use as template!
For example you can check MRCherrys video here:
You can download the tycoon kit here.
Sell gamepasses, items and more. You also receive Tix for every visitor in your game!
It does not have to be a very complicated game, an unique idea and some passion can be enough.
Make sure to read up on learning LUA on the ROBLOX wiki.

3. Log in everyday on ROBLOX to receive 10 Tix.
10 Tix is not much, but that is 1 ROBUX every two days, over time it will add up!
(This method does not work anymore, ROBLOX stopped giving free TIX)

4. Share ROBLOX with your friends.
You can a small amount of ROBUX whenever your friend buys ROBUX if he made an account thro your personal link.
What is your personal link? Roblox gives you a link that you can give to friends. If sign up with that account and buy Robux, you get some Robux for free.

5. Do surveys on a survey site for Robux. (13+)
There are sites that pay you ROBUX if you fill out surveys.
Surveys are pretty easy, and it should not be hard to reach 5 dollars in points at most sites.
I personally use Gifthulk click here . Gifthulk also offers surveys, and they pay an amount. After reaching 5000 points (should take you a hour) you can request a ROBLOX giftcard of 5 dollars. If you reach 10.000 points you can get a 10 dollar giftcard and so on. It takes up to a week to get your giftcard but atleast it is a real one!

Have fun getting free ROBUX.   


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We know that the game charges excessive for roblox hack so we want it to be less expensive, because we recognize that it is not good for any kind of player.

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Wow, thank you so much for this guide! It was my goal for so long time - to get the Robus. But I'm currently to poor to buy it, so I was searching for the method to get it for free. All the money I earn, I spend on my bills to live and on to stay in the college.

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