Swordburst 2

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Swordburst 2 is the first of it's kind on Roblox, with a variety of enemies and bosses, this will keep you occupied for hours!

pvp arena swordburst 2
Swordburst 2 PVP Arena

This is your typical RPG adventure game. You join the game and
spawn near a teleport device which allows you guessed it, teleport! There's about 5 locations to which you can teleport to, including the awesome PvP arena! However, I don't recommend you to go into the PvP area as you just start out as the other players have overpowered weapons and will quickly kill you.

To get better you need to grind enemies.

It can get tedious with all the grinding so if that does not suit you then stay away from this. Also, it lacks a proper story but that's expected for a rpg on roblox. You can grind enemies by attacking monsters, and with the exp you get you can level up.
swordburst 2 levels
Swordburst 2 teleport system

It gets updates frequently and is well worth your time if you're looking for a new game to play!

You can collect various weapons such as sword, and use certain kinds of magic.
The game has lots of loot, so its perfect if you like gathering new shiny weapons and the game scratches that hoarding itch.
There is a possiblity to level, so you get stronger when training. When you level up, you can fight with bosses and when you defeat them you unlock new areas!

Check some gameplay below:

 You can follow the developers on Twitter here, @Blocky_Max @buildermans_son

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