Since the start of Roblox in 2006, a lot has changed over the years.

If you ask users about the changes most have various opinions and images to show you.

Personally, I am more a fan of the memes.

I gathered the coolest memes that are made of Roblox characters or models.

1. The Death Sound.

The death sound is one of Roblox most well-known memes.

The death sound is perfect for remixes.
Check out these alternatives on the Roblox Death Sound for example.

2. Roblox Vines.

Yes, even Roblox has vines. Since the Vine platform is down all videos are hosted on Youtube these days. Best watched in complication style because the videos are so short.

3. Robox VS Real life.

In Roblox... Life is simpler.  Take chopping wood for example. In Roblox its a few mouse clicks, in real life its well. Not as simple.

4. Micheal P

Make sure to turn down your volume!
Micheal P was a well known Roblox Troll.

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