Tower Battles

Made by Planet3arth

Tower Battle Roblox

Tower Battles is a Tower Defense game with a twist.

In practice it is a simple tower defense, but you play with more people on the same map. Which means you gotta protect your base together, and attack the other players base at the same time!

What makes this game so fun is the competition. The game gets very hectic while you and your teammates place down towers as fast as possible. If you prefer 1v1 that is possible too, but the charm lies in the multiplayer and figuring out how to support your teammates as best as possible.

Tower Battles Matchmaking
Tower Battles Matchmaking system.

When you win matches you get credits, which you can use for upgrades such as powerful jeeps that mow down zombie enemies. And banana farms that make you loads of money over the course of a match.

The game is in Beta but it plays very smooth, altho sometimes you will encounter bugs. If you are not scared of some glitches, this game is a good try!

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