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Jailbreak Roblox game
Jailbreak is a new game on Roblox.
It is an open world prison break game with survival and city life elements in it.

You start the game with a couple of options. First you have to choose your team.
If you choose criminal, you get spawned in a prison. Your job is to escape out of the prison through various methods. You can ask people to come pick you up in a helicopter, ask your friends if they can do a shoot out with the cops, or steal a keycard. There are many other options, but those are more fun if you can figure them out yourself!

After escaping the facility you need to fix yourself a car or risk a long walk to the city. There you can find weapons, and what you desire, lots of cash! There is a bank and jewelry store that beg to be robbed by you as criminal. Get a car, pick up some team mates and start a robbery.
This all would be very easy except there is police. The other option in the game.

If you join as police you will be spawned or at the jail, or at a police station. From there you can pick up weapons, tasers and more. Your job is to keep criminals inside the jail. If they leave the jail, bring them back.

But beware, as long as criminals don't do anything (not leave the jail, not commit crimes) you can not harm them. This will penalize you and you will not be able to play on the police side anymore.

Find the criminals that are robbing the stores and banks and get rewarded with fat bounty rewards to bring them back to jail.

With the cash you earn on both sides you can buy cars, special paint colors for the car and more.

This game is very fun because the teams are pretty balanced, although as starter it can be nice to start as cop. Because for a lot of people it is easier to catch a criminal, than to be one.

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Some tips to make cash fast in Jailbreak:

jailbreak roblox avatar carrying cash

1. Join as police, and find a server with a lot of criminals. Arguably police have the overhand, and it is easy to catch criminals. By serverhopping (joining new servers after you are done with one) and catching all the criminals in one go you can earn money fast. This is recommended if you are good at playing this game.

2. One that is not very nice, but very profitable is camping the bank or store as police. Wait till they robbed the store and have a bounty, and then catch them for the biggest profits. They get loot, you get the bounties.
Watch for messages in the chat like these to catch more criminals:
chat message roblox
Click the doors of cars if they are in the cars to get them outside to arrest.

3. Make a private server with friends.
If you or one of your friends makes a private server you can play without being arrested by cops the whole time, making the game a lot easier. Make one of your friends join as cop and steal their keycard. They can switch back and you can rob the store and bank together really easy without interference from the cops in Jailbreak.

Have more tips? Post them in the comments.


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Brian Cox zei

It looks like a Grand Theft Auto, but you are the one to is following the gangster. Maybe it can be cool, don't really sure. I don't think any game can beat GA for me. It's the game of my childhood, it forever s in my mind. You can even show me the all 5 starts review of, but I still be sure that GTA was better

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