Cleaning Simulator

Made By BribbleCO

Cleaning Simulator is not your usual Roblox game.
When you start out you notice your avatar has changed to a Blob. A colored one.
Your task is to clean the factory from all the rubbish and water. For some reason there is a lot of water, I recommend they check the roof sometime.
The game has a lot of things to do, you can clean (Surprising!), play music and even have bossbattles.

What makes this game great is that you can start it up with a couple of friends to have some great times.

My rating:

If you want to play Cleaning Simulator with friends read the guide below.

Start the game.
Then go to "Flexexplorer"

Make a room by clicking on "Create a Room".
Let your friends join your game, and press "Start Playing".


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