There are a lot of survival games on Roblox.
I went ahead and played a lot of them. Out of those I made a list on which survival games are the most fun.

Survival games got popular lately thanks to games like Pubg, Dayz and Rust.
These games usually cost a pretty penny, but if you can endure the Roblox physics the games below can be a fun alternative to play alone, or play with friends!

Number 1. Apocalypse Rising (links directly to game)

The most popular survival game so far is Apocalypse Rising.
Apocalypse Rising was one of the first survival games on Roblox that gave the "real" experience of a survival simulator. You can scavenge for food, clothes and weapons and target other players. As bonus it also has good working cars. Don't step in front of them, I had bad experiences with that.
It features permadeath, which means when you die you loose all your items and you have to find them back, or find new items if your backpack is stolen.

Number 2. Isolation (links directly to game)

This game starts with an unnerving music track. Upon joining the server I noticed I had a basic hunger and thirst bar, and a stamina bar. This was all not that special. It became fun when I realized I could make my own base, craft my own tools and weapons. I unfortunately screw up by falling in the water, which kills the survivor.

Number 3. Primal Life (links directly to game)

Different from the usual survivor games, this one gives you the opportunity to live as a dinosaur in Roblox! Hunt others, eat and drink, roar to scare off the enemies if you are big enough.

Number 4. Survival Apocalypse (links directly to game)

Survival Apocalypse is other than the survivor games mentioned before. In this one you are not focussed on PVP, but on zombies. Survive from the zombies, craft materials, build bases and guns.
This game is very great in comparison with others when it comes to PVE.

Number 5. Dead Winter (links directly to game)

This one is a fast paced survival game. You need to gather guns and clothes and try to survive the brutal winter that comes every 10 minutes. Here comes the difference between this survival game and the others. You can hide in bunkers, but there are not that many bunkers, and you have to share them with other players. This becomes a strategic war on what bunker you are going to hide in, and if you will shoot the enemy players that will be there. They might work together with you, they might not. With snipers, machine guns and pistols you can keep yourself busy for hours killing players that run away in deserted valleys.

Have fun with these survival games!

Comment if you have more Roblox Survival Games.


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