So you have finished your project and have your game.
What now?

Bob the Dev.
Bob the dev: What now?

Most developers will wait till the players will come, or spend a few thousand ROBUX on advertisements.

This soon fails when they run out of funds, or can not seem to hold the players in the game.

The reason is that there are different aspects to a popular game.
Just having a good game these days is not enough.
But with this advice, your game can become the next Jailbreak, or Murder Mystery.

First advice.

Reach out to the popular people!
That is very easy for me to say, but you how do exactly go about that?
Dropping into a stream on can do wonders if your game is good. Many streamers would love to try a game that has not been seen before.

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Youtubers are usually very active on Twitter. Try sending them a PM there. You can find a lot of Youtubers that play Roblox by searching for the ROBLOX hashtag.

Second advice.

Make sure your game is actually "fun". How harsh this may sound, the game might not be as fun as you think it is. Let other people try the game so you can get good feedback. Try posting your game on for example. Make an account and post to the subreddit. They will mostly give very honest feedback. Which brings us to the third tip.

Third advice.

Be active in forums. Now the Roblox forums have shut down you lost a way to promote your game.
That was a big channel for a lot of small devs to get their game know. Google around and search for game related forums that have a ROBLOX section. Post your game there. Do not overdo this, and make sure your post belongs to the forum. If not, it is spam and you will get your posts deleted. Which will trash your efforts.

Fourth advice.

Keep encouraged! Advertising can be the hardest part of making a game popular, but if you keep trying you will succeed. Keep updating your game, keep searching for ways to promote your Roblox game and the rewards will show.

If you have any tips for devs that try to promote their game with no ROBUX feel free to share so in the comments.


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