Adventure Forward 2

Made by: Explode1

New adventure game made it onto ROBLOX.
While I normally am not a big fan of adventure games on Roblox this one astounded me.
Everything was great about this game. The music, the movement and the maps.
Lets start with the game play.
You are a star savior completing levels and getting rewards.
These rewards open new levels and other stuff like levels.
The main goal of levels is collecting the stars.
After you do that you can go for another round and complete the challenge, which is an extra obstacle course through the level that is a bit harder.

This game plays in single-player, which is the best choice in my honest opinion.
With adventure games you need your alone space to make sure you can get sucked right into the story and not be bothered by other random players.

When you play for a short while you will notice that the game has some great tunes!
Instead of short loops this game uses longer tracks so you do not get annoyed by the same music the whole time.
All courses I played so far have different music that is related to the map you play.

Course 2 was in style of jazz so I heard a lot of jazz instruments!

See below for some screenshots of various levels you will see in the beginning.

My rating:

Solid 9/10!


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