New Free Shooter on ROBLOX (Kinetic Code)

Made by: Team !mpact

There is a new shooter on the Roblox gamepage.
Shooting games are nothing new but this game is very polished and uses new unique ways to display a GUI and menus.

You have a variety of guns which you can customize with free coins from playing.

I personally loved the sniper.
It is powerful and very quick. With the sniper you keep a strategic position easily.
The other guns are kinda pale compared to the sniper but might have a great use pushing as a team.

Playing with the M16, following my team!

I wont rate this game since it is still in Alpha, but I will follow the progress closely.
This can turn out to be a great game and a worthy contender to other FrontPage Roblox FPS games.

Follow the developer on Twitter here.


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