For some information on who he is.

 Today there was an interview between forumusers on Reddit and Briguy9876.
He was part of the ROBLOX staff .

He joined ROBLOX in 2007. After he found a Youtuber he played ROBLOX for the first time. And as everyone he loved the game! He started a site called Briguy's ROBLOX when fansites were very popular between ROBLOX users.
After he made the site he was messaged by a ROBLOX staff member to become a forum moderator on the ROBLOX forums. Briguy9876 was cut from the team when the forum moderators all became paid staff members. When Briguy9876 turned 18 he was messaged again, this time as a paid staff member for ROBLOX. He did this work for two years before he quit.

We were lucky to find a forum thread with him! The interview is posted below.

One of the first questions asked and the most interesting one was that one user asked Briguy what the community mostly complained about back then. Briguy9876 replied shortly after with this reply, "the community".
It was a very funny reply because these days the community of ROBLOX also complains about itself the most of the time. He showed that the complaints have been the same all the years.

After that he got a question where the user asked him if he wanted to become a staff member again. Briguy9876 replied shortly with that he did not want to join the company again unless they changed internally. He thinks that the direction the company is going is not the right one.

One user asked if he remembered Brickbattle. He gave a reply in where he said that games back then were more like tech-demos. Unlike today in which the games are full fledged games. Games from back then will only get a few minutes of attention these days.

Users also asked if he remembered his favorite Showcase on ROBLOX from back in the days. He replied that he goes back once in a while to his favorite showcase called Khranos.

 One of the burning questions a user had was is how much do ROBLOX staff members get paid?
Apparently it is 10 dollar a hour, which is very nice knowing you can do this work from home on your computer.

If  you want more information about being a ROBLOX staff member you can go here .

 There is more information about the interview with Briguy9876 here if you want to read everything!


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