How to download games on ROBLOX?

Many people see other people taking games and using them as their own place. It is nice when you want to try new scripts on an existing game on ROBLOX so that is why they download the games.
In this tutorial I will show you how to just that!

If you do not have ROBLOX you can download ROBLOX here.

Step 1:

Find Uncopylocked games. You can find uncopylocked games like this:

After searching for one log in and make sure you have ROBLOX studio downloaded.
I use the topresult. The Laser Tag Arena. AFter you clicked on the game you see Three dots in the upper corner.

Click on that. After that ROBLOX studio will download and we come to the next step!

Step 2:

You will see this screen now:
Follow the steps on screen starting with 1 to publish the game to ROBLOX to use it on your own server!
Sign in to your account, then click publish. If you go to your profile on ROBLOX you will see the game now and can play it.

Hope this helped you!
Leave a comment if you have any tips for other ROBLOXers.


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