Since the start of Roblox in 2006, a lot has changed over the years.

If you ask users about the changes most have various opinions and images to show you.

Personally, I am more a fan of the memes.

I gathered the coolest memes that are made of Roblox characters or models.

1. The Death Sound.

The death sound is one of Roblox most well-known memes.

The death sound is perfect for remixes.
Check out these alternatives on the Roblox Death Sound for example.

2. Roblox Vines.

Yes, even Roblox has vines. Since the Vine platform is down all videos are hosted on Youtube these days. Best watched in complication style because the videos are so short.

3. Robox VS Real life.

In Roblox... Life is simpler.  Take chopping wood for example. In Roblox its a few mouse clicks, in real life its well. Not as simple.

4. Micheal P

Make sure to turn down your volume!
Micheal P was a well known Roblox Troll.

Suggestions? Post them in the comments!
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Tower Battles

Made by Planet3arth

Tower Battle Roblox

Tower Battles is a Tower Defense game with a twist.

In practice it is a simple tower defense, but you play with more people on the same map. Which means you gotta protect your base together, and attack the other players base at the same time!

What makes this game so fun is the competition. The game gets very hectic while you and your teammates place down towers as fast as possible. If you prefer 1v1 that is possible too, but the charm lies in the multiplayer and figuring out how to support your teammates as best as possible.

Tower Battles Matchmaking
Tower Battles Matchmaking system.

When you win matches you get credits, which you can use for upgrades such as powerful jeeps that mow down zombie enemies. And banana farms that make you loads of money over the course of a match.

The game is in Beta but it plays very smooth, altho sometimes you will encounter bugs. If you are not scared of some glitches, this game is a good try!

My rating:

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Made by Badimo

Jailbreak Roblox game
Jailbreak is a new game on Roblox.
It is an open world prison break game with survival and city life elements in it.

You start the game with a couple of options. First you have to choose your team.
If you choose criminal, you get spawned in a prison. Your job is to escape out of the prison through various methods. You can ask people to come pick you up in a helicopter, ask your friends if they can do a shoot out with the cops, or steal a keycard. There are many other options, but those are more fun if you can figure them out yourself!

After escaping the facility you need to fix yourself a car or risk a long walk to the city. There you can find weapons, and what you desire, lots of cash! There is a bank and jewelry store that beg to be robbed by you as criminal. Get a car, pick up some team mates and start a robbery.
This all would be very easy except there is police. The other option in the game.

If you join as police you will be spawned or at the jail, or at a police station. From there you can pick up weapons, tasers and more. Your job is to keep criminals inside the jail. If they leave the jail, bring them back.

But beware, as long as criminals don't do anything (not leave the jail, not commit crimes) you can not harm them. This will penalize you and you will not be able to play on the police side anymore.

Find the criminals that are robbing the stores and banks and get rewarded with fat bounty rewards to bring them back to jail.

With the cash you earn on both sides you can buy cars, special paint colors for the car and more.

This game is very fun because the teams are pretty balanced, although as starter it can be nice to start as cop. Because for a lot of people it is easier to catch a criminal, than to be one.

My rating:

Some tips to make cash fast in Jailbreak:

jailbreak roblox avatar carrying cash

1. Join as police, and find a server with a lot of criminals. Arguably police have the overhand, and it is easy to catch criminals. By serverhopping (joining new servers after you are done with one) and catching all the criminals in one go you can earn money fast. This is recommended if you are good at playing this game.

2. One that is not very nice, but very profitable is camping the bank or store as police. Wait till they robbed the store and have a bounty, and then catch them for the biggest profits. They get loot, you get the bounties.
Watch for messages in the chat like these to catch more criminals:
chat message roblox
Click the doors of cars if they are in the cars to get them outside to arrest.

3. Make a private server with friends.
If you or one of your friends makes a private server you can play without being arrested by cops the whole time, making the game a lot easier. Make one of your friends join as cop and steal their keycard. They can switch back and you can rob the store and bank together really easy without interference from the cops in Jailbreak.

Have more tips? Post them in the comments.

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Cleaning Simulator

Made By BribbleCO

Cleaning Simulator is not your usual Roblox game.
When you start out you notice your avatar has changed to a Blob. A colored one.
Your task is to clean the factory from all the rubbish and water. For some reason there is a lot of water, I recommend they check the roof sometime.
The game has a lot of things to do, you can clean (Surprising!), play music and even have bossbattles.

What makes this game great is that you can start it up with a couple of friends to have some great times.

My rating:

If you want to play Cleaning Simulator with friends read the guide below.

Start the game.
Then go to "Flexexplorer"

Make a room by clicking on "Create a Room".
Let your friends join your game, and press "Start Playing".

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So you have finished your project and have your game.
What now?

Bob the Dev.
Bob the dev: What now?

Most developers will wait till the players will come, or spend a few thousand ROBUX on advertisements.

This soon fails when they run out of funds, or can not seem to hold the players in the game.

The reason is that there are different aspects to a popular game.
Just having a good game these days is not enough.
But with this advice, your game can become the next Jailbreak, or Murder Mystery.

First advice.

Reach out to the popular people!
That is very easy for me to say, but you how do exactly go about that?
Dropping into a stream on can do wonders if your game is good. Many streamers would love to try a game that has not been seen before.

twitch site category ROBLOX

Youtubers are usually very active on Twitter. Try sending them a PM there. You can find a lot of Youtubers that play Roblox by searching for the ROBLOX hashtag.

Second advice.

Make sure your game is actually "fun". How harsh this may sound, the game might not be as fun as you think it is. Let other people try the game so you can get good feedback. Try posting your game on for example. Make an account and post to the subreddit. They will mostly give very honest feedback. Which brings us to the third tip.

Third advice.

Be active in forums. Now the Roblox forums have shut down you lost a way to promote your game.
That was a big channel for a lot of small devs to get their game know. Google around and search for game related forums that have a ROBLOX section. Post your game there. Do not overdo this, and make sure your post belongs to the forum. If not, it is spam and you will get your posts deleted. Which will trash your efforts.

Fourth advice.

Keep encouraged! Advertising can be the hardest part of making a game popular, but if you keep trying you will succeed. Keep updating your game, keep searching for ways to promote your Roblox game and the rewards will show.

If you have any tips for devs that try to promote their game with no ROBUX feel free to share so in the comments.

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There are a lot of survival games on Roblox.
I went ahead and played a lot of them. Out of those I made a list on which survival games are the most fun.

Survival games got popular lately thanks to games like Pubg, Dayz and Rust.
These games usually cost a pretty penny, but if you can endure the Roblox physics the games below can be a fun alternative to play alone, or play with friends!

Number 1. Apocalypse Rising (links directly to game)

The most popular survival game so far is Apocalypse Rising.
Apocalypse Rising was one of the first survival games on Roblox that gave the "real" experience of a survival simulator. You can scavenge for food, clothes and weapons and target other players. As bonus it also has good working cars. Don't step in front of them, I had bad experiences with that.
It features permadeath, which means when you die you loose all your items and you have to find them back, or find new items if your backpack is stolen.

Number 2. Isolation (links directly to game)

This game starts with an unnerving music track. Upon joining the server I noticed I had a basic hunger and thirst bar, and a stamina bar. This was all not that special. It became fun when I realized I could make my own base, craft my own tools and weapons. I unfortunately screw up by falling in the water, which kills the survivor.

Number 3. Primal Life (links directly to game)

Different from the usual survivor games, this one gives you the opportunity to live as a dinosaur in Roblox! Hunt others, eat and drink, roar to scare off the enemies if you are big enough.

Number 4. Survival Apocalypse (links directly to game)

Survival Apocalypse is other than the survivor games mentioned before. In this one you are not focussed on PVP, but on zombies. Survive from the zombies, craft materials, build bases and guns.
This game is very great in comparison with others when it comes to PVE.

Number 5. Dead Winter (links directly to game)

This one is a fast paced survival game. You need to gather guns and clothes and try to survive the brutal winter that comes every 10 minutes. Here comes the difference between this survival game and the others. You can hide in bunkers, but there are not that many bunkers, and you have to share them with other players. This becomes a strategic war on what bunker you are going to hide in, and if you will shoot the enemy players that will be there. They might work together with you, they might not. With snipers, machine guns and pistols you can keep yourself busy for hours killing players that run away in deserted valleys.

Have fun with these survival games!

Comment if you have more Roblox Survival Games.

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Best Clicker Games On Roblox

So what are basically the best clicker games on ROBLOX?
A lot of people remember ROBLOX as the platform for clickbait titles, lobbies and build to survive the "insert subject here" games.

ROBLOX has come a long way since then. A lot of things changed. One of the best changes for clicker-addicts are the various amounts of tycoons. I made a list a while ago with the best Tycoon games, but we are a few months further and it was time for an update. The old list was outdated.

What is the difference between a normal clicker/incremental game and a tycoon  on Roblox?

Tycoons are basically the same as clicker games, but focus more on production. Instead of clicking they usually have a side job in the game that can make you cash for further upgrades.

Are Roblox games free?

Yes all games on Roblox are free, unless mentioned otherwise. Before you can play Roblox games you have to install the Roblox client (on Android, Iphone). Making an account is recommended so you can save your progress in games. (You can play without account but you lose access to features like chat, names, saving and customizing your character).

So let's start on the list of the best clicker games on Roblox!

Number 1
Retail Tycoon (links directly to game)

Still one of my favorites on Roblox is Retail Tycoon. 
You build your own store and manage inventory to make sure to turn the biggest profits. You can hire personnel, buy stock for the inventory, restock, and choose what to place in your store. Want a store dedicated to tires? Self service? Theft prevention army? All possible in this game. 
It gets updated regularly so it is also worth it to come back once in awhile!

Number 2
Lumber Tycoon 2 (links directly to game)

Another one that takes the genre very seriously.
You start with a crappy axe and get the instructions to have the biggest, most productive logging camp. Buy a plot and you are ready to chop some wood. Deliver the wood to the store and start working towards upgrades like a bigger basecamp, cars, machines to automate the chopping and increase the value of the wood. The island offers fun missions like dodging gigantic stones to visit the Lava Trees or searching for an exclusive tree that you can only find by blowing up caves with dynamite. When you get tired of blowing up caves, dodging giant rocks and chopping wood you can build your own summerhouse and furniture it.

(Warning, no idling).

Number 3
The Clone Factory (links directly to game)

This one was a hard choice because there are 2 very good clone games on Roblox. 
But when you compare, this clone tycoon game is the best. In this Tycoon you build up a factory to make your own clones. And of course, the proper thing to do with clones is make them battle.
After you churn out a clone you can equip him with weapons and skills to ravage enemy player clones. Save up and upgrade weapons and perks, and see them move lighting fast to an enemy, or have a massive amount of health. Clones battle automatically, but you can command them in the battlefield if you feel confident about your strategic skills.

Number 4
Theme Park Tycoon 2 (links directly to game)

In Theme Park Tycoon you manage your own theme park. You can add rollercoasters (and customize them) build food stalls and make visitors drink a lot so they have to spend time at our 999$ toilet.
The game is certainly inspired by Rollercoaster Tycoon but it implements the game mechanics in a fitting way for Roblox.

Number 5
Game Dev Tycoon (links directly to game)

Basically a free version of the well known game it is linked to. I do not want to call it a copy, but it gets very close. You start in a small garage, on a crappy computer learning about games, till you have enough to upgrade. You can upgrade into a company, hire staff and boss them around so they keep working, which you can later replace with a manager. It also has minigames with ingame cash rewards to keep the boredom away while you wait for an upgrade.
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Adventure Forward 2

Made by: Explode1

New adventure game made it onto ROBLOX.
While I normally am not a big fan of adventure games on Roblox this one astounded me.
Everything was great about this game. The music, the movement and the maps.
Lets start with the game play.
You are a star savior completing levels and getting rewards.
These rewards open new levels and other stuff like levels.
The main goal of levels is collecting the stars.
After you do that you can go for another round and complete the challenge, which is an extra obstacle course through the level that is a bit harder.

This game plays in single-player, which is the best choice in my honest opinion.
With adventure games you need your alone space to make sure you can get sucked right into the story and not be bothered by other random players.

When you play for a short while you will notice that the game has some great tunes!
Instead of short loops this game uses longer tracks so you do not get annoyed by the same music the whole time.
All courses I played so far have different music that is related to the map you play.

Course 2 was in style of jazz so I heard a lot of jazz instruments!

See below for some screenshots of various levels you will see in the beginning.

My rating:

Solid 9/10!

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New Free Shooter on ROBLOX (Kinetic Code)

Made by: Team !mpact

There is a new shooter on the Roblox gamepage.
Shooting games are nothing new but this game is very polished and uses new unique ways to display a GUI and menus.

You have a variety of guns which you can customize with free coins from playing.

I personally loved the sniper.
It is powerful and very quick. With the sniper you keep a strategic position easily.
The other guns are kinda pale compared to the sniper but might have a great use pushing as a team.

Playing with the M16, following my team!

I wont rate this game since it is still in Alpha, but I will follow the progress closely.
This can turn out to be a great game and a worthy contender to other FrontPage Roblox FPS games.

Follow the developer on Twitter here.
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The list on the best Copycat games on ROBLOX.

It is pretty much a known secret that a lot of games on ROBLOX are inspired by other games.
ROBLOX has an engine for building games that people can access through ROBLOX Studio.
With that program you can build your own games. It also lends itself to scripting and much more so you can see interesting results on what is build. There are tycoons (or as some call them incremental games), shooters, strategy games and music games. Check out the rest of the blog to see some examples.
I made this list because there are a lot of games inspired by other games, and I wanted to see which ones are the best copycats of other games.
For the record, I do not say these games are bad. In fact, they are on this list of the best copycat games because they did a great job at doing so!

But without further ado, lets go check out the best copycat games.
With a bit of eye-squinting you too can see what games are supposed to be their counterpart.

Number 1.
Counter-Blox: Roblox offensive

The name itself leaves for not that much imagination. I think we all know what this game is inspired by. Even the name of the developer-group is ROLVe Community.
ROLVe, VALVE, close enough I guess.

The game itself also plays like it. You have the same guns, the same teams and even the same maps.
Remember Dust 2? Yes, it is included.
Check below for some screenshots.

Us on CT spawn, ready to win the war on terrorism.

Can you guess what side of Dust 2 I am on?

CT defusing the bomb on Counter-Blox

The weapons. Very similar!

 Want to play? Click here

Number 2.
Pokemon Fighters EX

Oh boy this one is cheating. There are a lot of Pokémon games on ROBLOX.
Lets make a list of the most popular Pokémon copycat games. A list in a list. Inception.

1. Pokemon Fighters EX
2. Pokémon Universe
3. Pokémon Legends
4. Project Pokémon
5. Pokémon Adventures
6. Pokémon Reborn
7. Pokémon Battlebrawlers
8. Pokémon Brick-Bronze

These games are pretty much all the same. A few are in 3d, some are in 2d.
The maps can be fairly interesting if you are a fan of the Pokémon games. Some of the games are pretty big and offer a lot of content. They all have the same battle-system. Kill pokémon, level, and defeat gyms.

Check some screenshots below to get an impression. These are taken from Pokémon Brick-Bronze.

Number 3.
Hotline ROBLOX

Hotline ROBLOX does not leave much imagination. It is Hotline Miami, set in ROBLOX.
The developer did a great job making this game and it shows. Not much to tell about this one since it is pretty much a 1 on 1 copy, with the gore included.
Check this video below for some game-play. (made by PerpWifi)

Number 4.
League of ROBLOX

League of ROBLOX is a game inspired of League Of Legends.
With the same skillsets, new characters (over 30 characters for free) and other maps it can be a fresh play.
There is a small dedicated group of players who play each day so it might be hard to get into it since a lot of them are on a higher skill level. With this post there will be more players so it could be easier.

Check some screenshots below

Number 5.
Apocalypse Rising

Apocalypse Rising is a Day-Z clone. But a very good one at that!
It has everything a survival game needs. But where Day-Z falls short with glitches, bugs, bad hit-registration and more Day-Z improved on that. If you get past the blocks and low graphic details it is a very intense shooter suitable to play with friends and have a blast. Open public servers make sure you always find new players to fight against or sniper blast from your little tower you found.
I am really impressed with this one because it is a decent, solid copycat.

Check the trailer to see more of this game.

Number 6.

This game is a lot like Club Penguin or Toontown Rewritten. Since that one closed down this is the closest you will find to the original game. Collect Meeps, play mini-games and decorate your house.

See below for a few screenshots:

Number 7.
Murder Mystery 2

This game plays like a well known Gmod game that you can purchase on Steam.
When you play this minigame  you will be either an innocent, a detective, or a murderer.
The murderer has to kill everyone without being caught by the detective. I recommend you play this game with a few friends over Discord or Skype. It will become hard to keep a poker-face while you kill your friends.

Check below for a few screenshots

That concludes my list.
If you have any games I missed that need a mention post a comment and I will see if I can add it!

Credit to Reddit user thegreatrifta For suggesting some of these games.
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How to download games on ROBLOX?

Many people see other people taking games and using them as their own place. It is nice when you want to try new scripts on an existing game on ROBLOX so that is why they download the games.
In this tutorial I will show you how to just that!

If you do not have ROBLOX you can download ROBLOX here.

Step 1:

Find Uncopylocked games. You can find uncopylocked games like this:

After searching for one log in and make sure you have ROBLOX studio downloaded.
I use the topresult. The Laser Tag Arena. AFter you clicked on the game you see Three dots in the upper corner.

Click on that. After that ROBLOX studio will download and we come to the next step!

Step 2:

You will see this screen now:
Follow the steps on screen starting with 1 to publish the game to ROBLOX to use it on your own server!
Sign in to your account, then click publish. If you go to your profile on ROBLOX you will see the game now and can play it.

Hope this helped you!
Leave a comment if you have any tips for other ROBLOXers.

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