Purple Skittles

Made by First Church of Bubbleism


Purple Skittles is a game that challenges you to the hardest air-hockey games you have ever played. 
You start as the guy shown here:
Your job is to collect 8 purple skittles and save the kingdom. While you are busy collecting the gems you get attacked by random passerby's that try to challenge you to a game of air hockey.
Purple Skittles has a healthy dose of humor and it shows.

This is one of the cutscenes the developer made.

The fighting style is also new and not done before which gives a fresh breath in the genre of games on ROBLOX. You pick a choice between four boxes that allow you to fight, pick an item, special moves or run.

If you pick fight you will see this

The enemy will shoot a load of pucks towards you and your job is to stop them all. If you stop them you survive, and you get a chance to shot one puck towards to the enemy. If you do this right the enemy will loose health. Keep continuing and you will win the battle and level up!

So far as I have played there are a lot of maps, and a lot of dialogue to play through which makes this game very fun and interesting. Give it a shot!

My rating:
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