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 Rollernauts is a fun minigame that challenges you to be the best!
You are a small guy on a ball, that needs to push others off the playboard.
Sounds very easy, till you realize the controls are pretty hard to master, and others are trying to push you off the board to.
The game starts with 4 or 5 players on the board. After a short countdown you are able to move around and start kicking people of the board. It is hilarious to see what happens. Especially because you have powerups that can completely change who is winning. For example, you can fly so you can get back on the board, drop bombs and more. Some maps also have challenging elements like wind, or platforms that disappear.

In the map above the middle part can disappear, making it way harder to stay on the board without falling off.
Here is the middle made of ice, which as you know makes it really hard to have control over a small moving ball.

You win you get points, which you can exchange to buy new balls in Rollernauts.
If you run out of time ingame, sudden death starts which means you will only have one life.
This game is easy to play, but very hard to master. And every game is a lot of fun!
The powerups certainly keeps things very interesting.

When playing the game I have noticed everything works very smooth which is important for a minigame that counts on your skills. The maps are awesome, the voting for maps works great and there are no pay to win elements.

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