In Plain Sight

Made by aII_duck

In Plain Sight is a game based around being a thief!
Are you the best thief in Roblox?  Because now you can show it.
The game works as following.
You either get to be a thief or the camera.
If you are the thief you need to steal as much as you can before the camera catches you.
You have special perks like a smokebomb or more speed to dodge the deadly laser the camera can use on the thieves to disable them.
If you are the camera you can use the lasers and disable the thieves, and with that you earn cash. Thieves earn cash for each item they successfully bring to the exit. It makes for a very exciting game!

 These are the instructions first time you enter the game.
The red blocks show where to dump your items.

Here can you see that a person is using the camera and trying to catch the thieves.

And here you can see me trying to dodge a camera.
You might notice the icon below, that is one of the perks. I can press E for extra speed!

This is a very solid game so far. The maps work great but there are a small amount of bugs that need to be fixed. For example it is very hard to switch cameras sometimes. If the developer keeps improving this game I can definitely recommend this game!

My rating:


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