How to script on ROBLOX.

There are various ways to learn how to script on ROBLOX.

Before you start, you should realize that learning code is not easy.
But once you get the hang of it, it will become fun!
When you are done you too can make awesome games!

Where to start if you want to learn to script on ROBLOX?

The best way is to learn with videos.
There are hundreds of videos on how to script on Youtube.
To make things easier I even gathered some links of useful Youtube videos.

This video is the best to start with. It is published by ROBLOX and goes over the various things you need to remind when you want to start scripting.

After you have watched that video you know the basics of scripting, but you can not script yet.
For the best way to learn keep the guide of ROBLOX wiki on scripting on the side with the next few steps. By using this guide you can easily search up certain key phrases from videos that you do not understand yet. Also do not be afraid to ask for help in the comments on the videos, most people are glad to help!

This playlist from the user Friaza on Youtube is very helpful from here on out. He will help you learn LUA, the most important part of scripting on ROBLOX. Make sure to watch each and every video! Also keep ROBLOX Studio open so you can build and script along the side.

After this you want to start dissecting free models on ROBLOX.

Read what kind of scripts they contain, and learn to understand how the code works together.

Goodluck on learning to script!

A few small tips to remind while learning to script:
There is a Discord channel for ROBLOX that has a lot of developers that you can ask for help.
I can not stress this enough, use the wiki!
You will not learn to code instantly, you need patience and need to work hard.
Learn to code LUA, it will make scripting on ROBLOX so much easier.
Do not work on anything that you do not enjoy. Does your project become boring? Start a new one!
And on that note, keep working on projects you like. It can become the next frontpage game on ROBLOX!

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If you can not play ROBLOX on your computer there are ways to get around that.
These tips are for people that want to unblock ROBLOX at school or work.

You can always ask the teacher if he/she can unblock ROBLOX.
It is after all a very educational program and you can learn a lot from it.
Show how studio works and you might even get programming lessons in the future so you can make your own ROBLOX games!

Getting a portable VPN is also a good option. Ultrasurf (Click here) is a portable free VPN that unblocks ROBLOX sites and more! You also do not have to install any programs.

These are the methods that you can use to get access to ROBLOX in work or school.
Have fun!
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How to download and install ROBLOX games.

You heard about the best game ever.
And now you want to download and install ROBLOX as soon as possible.
Before you sign up to ROBLOX you should think if you want an account or not.
An account gives you the privilege to chat with other users, and save progress on games.
Without account you can still chat. But only with sentences as okay, yes and no. Also games will not save your progress.

After you have decided if you want an account or not you can go ahead and go to
Sign up with proper information and an username that is not related to your real name if you want an account.

You will now get prompted with a request for the download of ROBLOX.

Accept the request and install the program.
It will install ROBLOX Player and ROBLOX Studio.
ROBLOX Player is necessary if you want to play games.
You need ROBLOX Studio to make games yourself. If you are not interested in making games you can uninstall ROBLOX Studio.

After installation of ROBLOX you can go back to and play!
Make sure to go to the login page to login if you want to save progress and be able to chat with other people in-game.

If you are a parent and want your child to play ROBLOX safe online make sure to read the extra information written here by ROBLOX.

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Today I am going to explain to you how to find the song ID on ROBLOX.
You need the song ID for various games like Murder Mystery and others that have a boombox equipment!

First step: Go to

Second step: Click on Develop in the upper tab, and then click on Library

Third step: Click on audio and type the song you want in the search bar as shown here:

Fourth step: Test the sound by clicking on the play button. If it is the song ID from ROBLOX you want you copy the part of the url as shown in the image below:

Fifth step and last step: Go to the game you want to play like Murder Mystery and insert the Song ID!

And that is how you find a Song ID on ROBLOX.

Have fun!
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In Plain Sight

Made by aII_duck

In Plain Sight is a game based around being a thief!
Are you the best thief in Roblox?  Because now you can show it.
The game works as following.
You either get to be a thief or the camera.
If you are the thief you need to steal as much as you can before the camera catches you.
You have special perks like a smokebomb or more speed to dodge the deadly laser the camera can use on the thieves to disable them.
If you are the camera you can use the lasers and disable the thieves, and with that you earn cash. Thieves earn cash for each item they successfully bring to the exit. It makes for a very exciting game!

 These are the instructions first time you enter the game.
The red blocks show where to dump your items.

Here can you see that a person is using the camera and trying to catch the thieves.

And here you can see me trying to dodge a camera.
You might notice the icon below, that is one of the perks. I can press E for extra speed!

This is a very solid game so far. The maps work great but there are a small amount of bugs that need to be fixed. For example it is very hard to switch cameras sometimes. If the developer keeps improving this game I can definitely recommend this game!

My rating:
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