Critical Strike

Made by EpicGames20

One of the best fighting-games I have seen so far in ROBLOX is Critical Strike.
The game is in Alpa but all the important parts work smooth.
You can choose between a lot of classes.
When you start you spawn with the default warrior. I recommend checking out all the classes and weapons they have in game.

This for example is the warrior.

You also have a tutorial area where you can train on various dummies so you can easily train and practice your moves better.

Above you see the dummy area.

Other classes have different moves. For example a mage can shoot various (fire?)balls to the enemy to inflict huge amounts of damage.
While this game is pretty new it is very busy already and you should not have any problem finding a good match.

I had a lot of fun playing while i am really bad at fighting games. This game is exactly what ROBLOX needed in the fighter scene.
People who like to fight one on one are also not dissapointed, there is an arena to fight eachother.
Everything necessary is in this game, and it is only getting better.

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