Theme Park Tycoon 2

Made by Den_S

If you like games like Roller coaster tycoon this is the game for you!
I remember back in the days building roller-coasters for days and testing them out.
Building soda-stands next to bathrooms and asking 30 dollar for a bathroom break.
All to make the biggest and nicest tycoon.
Lately there are not many games anymore that have a lot of tycoon elements.
 Den_S on Roblox developed Theme Park Tycoon 2.
It is one of the most detailed tycoons I have ever seen!
Almost every element from the Roller-coaster tycoon games are there.

I will go over the key-features and the details that interested me the most.
If you cant wait you can play the game right now for free on Roblox.
Make sure to check this game out if you like games based on roller-coaster tycoon!

Den_S added a lot of key-features that showed that he is very experienced in developing on Roblox and it was (and still is) a joy to play.

You can build your own roller-coasters, test them out and make the most crazy attractions.

Theme park made by Quicky_Games

 There are also stalls like the ice-cream stand, pizza-stand, slushy stand and many more.
Attractions are split in different categories.
You have the gentle rides, intense rides, roller-coasters, water attractions and transportation attractions. All attractions that follow a specific route (like the car on rails) are custom and you can decide how the attraction will look.
The most important attractions like teacups, observation tower, swinging ship and many more are all available for play!

Scenery is an important part of theme-parks to give the park an unique feel.
You can plant trees, fences, and props to completely change the look of your roller-coaster park.

There is multiplayer!
Did you always wanted to play rollercoaster tycoon in multiplayer? It is possible now!
You can add and remove builders from your terrain. Just add their nickname in the settings and they get approved to build with you together. Perfect to waste a afternoon with friends in a great way.

There are many more interesting little details like adding water, changing landscape and more.
And it is totally free to play!

If your computer isn't the best, they also added options to show less customers, and with that you can also play this on an older computer.

Check some of the screenshots below to get a quick impression of the game. But dont let graphics fool you, this game is very deep.

 Above here I am sitting inside the swinging ship. Lets go Malaysia!

 Here is where I started building. The first building the spinning cups.
It is not much yet.
 After a few minutes of playing I finally started to see some awesome progress going on.
I really like using props but I am one of the worst builders.

 A small screenshot of my little cafeteria, I build it myself!

I had a lot of fun playing, and I can definitely recommend this game!
Everything is available to use, and while it is in BETA a lot is done already and working great.

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Critical Strike

Made by EpicGames20

One of the best fighting-games I have seen so far in ROBLOX is Critical Strike.
The game is in Alpa but all the important parts work smooth.
You can choose between a lot of classes.
When you start you spawn with the default warrior. I recommend checking out all the classes and weapons they have in game.

This for example is the warrior.

You also have a tutorial area where you can train on various dummies so you can easily train and practice your moves better.

Above you see the dummy area.

Other classes have different moves. For example a mage can shoot various (fire?)balls to the enemy to inflict huge amounts of damage.
While this game is pretty new it is very busy already and you should not have any problem finding a good match.

I had a lot of fun playing while i am really bad at fighting games. This game is exactly what ROBLOX needed in the fighter scene.
People who like to fight one on one are also not dissapointed, there is an arena to fight eachother.
Everything necessary is in this game, and it is only getting better.

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