Bob's Burgers in ROBLOX

Made by EMILY080 

Someone remade Bob/s Burgers in ROBLOX.
This is technically not a game. It is a showcase showing us the house where the main crew hangs out most of the episodes.
I was surprised to see so many details. It looks great.
One note to make, some things might be not in the same spot as you have seen it in the show since props get moved around depending on the scenes in Bob's Burgers.

 The main part of the map the artists build. They started on Bob's Burgers. The details are great, most are taken from the later episodes. Lets take a look inside.

 First thing I have noticed is Linda! Linda is standing in her standard spot asking what burger you want to have. I was surprised the burger looked actually good on the menu in the back of here.
I would love to try a "New Bacon-ing".

 Chilling with Bob in the back buggering him about his recipes.

 The main bedroom. And again, I am surprised by all the little details.

 Guess who this is!
Tina got a bit of an attitude tho.

 The kitchen.
Many weird conversations has been had at that table.

 No explanation needed here I guess. Funny to see how they remembered she lived in a closet.

 Gene making an awesome new song. In the back you can see a bit of the logo of jimmy's pesto already.

 Morts crematorium. Unfortunately I could not enter these buildings as of now. The build is still going on as of writing so there is a possibility you can also visit these buildings from the inside now.

 Jimmy Pesto's Pizzeria

And a last shot of the living room in Bob's Burgers.

Make sure to check out the build yourself.

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