ROBLOX released Team Create a few hours ago.
What does this mean for you and me? Finally we can build together in Studio.
Everyone used to work seperately on projects even if you worked in teams or with a friend.
It was a hassle switching projects, scripts and more around because you could not build together in ROBLOX Studio.
From the ROBLOX Wiki:
"Team Create is a ROBLOX Studio Tool that allows you to simultaneously edit your places with other people. When you enable Team Create in a place, you can invite your friends to join you to edit. Everyone editing the place will see the changes others are making as they are happening. You can see where the other editor’s cameras are, what they are selecting, and can even chat to coordinate your creation."

It is a pretty easy set up to do and it works fairly well except for a few bugs, but that can be approved later on.
This is a very exciting developement from ROBLOX and great that they started this!


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