Rythm Master

Rythm Master

Made by Xsitsu

As the developer calls it, An anime styled rhythm game. Rock out to your favorite anime songs.
And it does! It is a very unique concept and it works very well with the ROBLOX engine. You have the choice between a lot of songs and can all play them. There is a lot of detailed work in the game. Rythm Master shows lyrics with the songs at the same time for example. That must have been a lot of work and it shows off.

 This ROBLOX game is optimized for playing with a controller!
 That is the only thing I did not like, the layout for the keys. If the keys chosen were different from zxas it would have been better.

My rating:
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ROBLOX Egghunt 2016

Are you curious to what Eggs ROBLOX will release for the Egg hunt of 2016?
Check this image below and see all the possible eggs they released so far.

We posted earlier about them all copying various eggs from events they had earlier and I guess this is true then! I already see the third egg on the first row, and we discussed earlier if that one would show up and it did.

Feel free to leave any comments in the suggestions about the Eggs, curious of what you think of the designs they choose for this event!
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Roblox stopped giving the TIX login bonus.
Are you wondering why you do not get any TIX login bonus?
They discontinued the TIX because of various reasons.
One of the most important ones that they want more items in the catalog to be free, and to push players to buy ROBUX.
Simply put, you will get no free ROBUX anymore and you will need to develop a game, sell clothing or buy ROBUX.

Read more about ROBLOXs decision here:

Goodbye TIX, you were the most awesome thing on ROBLOX so far, and provided new players with something to look forward to each day.

ROBLOX released a few outfits for free in preparation for the new catalog, get these free new catalog items from ROBLOX.


Brown charmer hair
Roblox Boy
Roblox Girl 
I <3 Pizza
Guitar Tee with Black Jacket
Green Jersey
Orange Shades
Jade Necklace
Blond Spiked Hair
Stylish Aviators
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Hardest obby on ROBLOX!

Rage Against the Sewing Machine

Made by NWSpacek

Another obby! But why is this one so different?
It is not the obby like you are used to, this obby is actually really hard!
Instead of jumping on blocks and following paths like the usual obbies you will get placed on a factory conveyor, and you need to dodge the lasers!
It is very tricky the first time, and yes you will get frustrated.
But it is an unique way to make an obby and very intresting!
Bonuspoints because it also works so damn smooth and all collisions are worked out propely. So no bugs!
Give it a look yourself, I dont want to spoil this one with screenshots :)

My rating:
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ROBLOX released Team Create a few hours ago.
What does this mean for you and me? Finally we can build together in Studio.
Everyone used to work seperately on projects even if you worked in teams or with a friend.
It was a hassle switching projects, scripts and more around because you could not build together in ROBLOX Studio.
From the ROBLOX Wiki:
"Team Create is a ROBLOX Studio Tool that allows you to simultaneously edit your places with other people. When you enable Team Create in a place, you can invite your friends to join you to edit. Everyone editing the place will see the changes others are making as they are happening. You can see where the other editor’s cameras are, what they are selecting, and can even chat to coordinate your creation."

It is a pretty easy set up to do and it works fairly well except for a few bugs, but that can be approved later on.
This is a very exciting developement from ROBLOX and great that they started this!
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