Time Travel Tycoon

Made by UltraGames

Time Travel tycoon is a tycoon inspired on cloning but with a fun twist.
Ever wanted to play a free Time travel game? Now is your chance.
You can hire mobs to attack the enemy, and earn cash.
There is no passive way to earn cash so far as I am in the game.
You have different kind of ages you can upgrade to and they are all different in weapons and mobs you will get to fight the other players!
There are various ages including the Cavemans, medieval, egyptian, pirate and even the future.
It was honestly a very fun tycoon so far, and its a good time travel game!
I actually thought it would be a Timesplitters inspired game upon reading the title but im pleasantly surprised by the outcome on how they took it. It feels a bit as an Age Of Empires game. Only free!
See here all ages you can upgrade too by the way. You need to gather kills to upgrade to a new age. Those kills must be done by your clones.
See them below in fight!

Give it a try. It is fun and it does not take long to play for a few rounds.
I wont spoil more, you have to figure all the other things out yourself like how different ages you and the best strategy to play this Age Of Empires inspired game! Small hint, dont use all your money in the previous age, you are gonna wait a long time before you can upgrade in the new age.

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