ROBLOX released 4.0!
That means you can now play with the 4.0 bodies on ROBLOX.
Go to this game
And you can start playing. I already tested it a bit and I made some screenshots.
So far it misses some stuff and there are some glitches which I will post later!

 You can also test the water in this game, I did not screen shot that because it was very glitchy when I joined the game and it did not work very well.
I like the new animations for when you stand still.
The animations for /e dance and others are still not implemented and can not be used so far.

There were various issues at the moment with the new 4.0 bodies that ROBLOX released today noted:

Characters may clip through the floor. Currently only the upper torso is collidable.

Custom head meshes appear reversed.Hats, Gear and Clothing does not load.

Character rig part names are not final.

Character rig part sizes are not correct.  They will more closely match the Block meshes in the final version.

All animations are temporary.Orientation of all parts are not correct.  They are backwards facing.

Character collisions sometimes result in character flinging.

Mobile devices have not been updated to latest code and will not load R15 places correctly.
There are no sitting or emote animations.

Character head UV scale needs to be reviewed.

Lower arms have a missing polygon.

So far it works pretty well except for those problems.
Hope you have fun with the new 4.0 bodies that ROBLOX released!



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