ROBLOX is going to replace the 4.0 bodies!
There are going to be replaced with these bodies. Take a look below.
See here R15, the new body.
Pros of R15 (Taken from the devforum here)
  • Assets - All purchased assets will work. This includes hats (accessories), gear, packages, shirts, pants, T-shirts and faces.
  • Shirts and pants will be provided with an R15 template. While an R6 template will work for the R15 avatars, it might not look ideal.
  • Animation tool will fully support R15 by default.
  • You will have API to know whether a given humanoid is an R15 or R6 body
  • You will have high level API constructs to query the framework of both Avatars. This will help make your scripts future proof. 

ROBLOX is also going to implement user generated content again, with expections of people printing rare items of course.

Honestly this is a way better idea then the 2.0 bodies (even if I secretly liked them a lot!) because of the various new stuff developers can do without the ugly bodies of the original 4.0.
ROBLOX also uploaded a walking animation so you can see how the joints can move!

How the new 4.0 body is going to handle clothes:

Any suggestions or commentary? Post below!


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