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Heist is a new game in developement.
You are a bankrobber that tries to rob banks!
It plays like a free Payday 2. And that is not bad. The game is well designed and knows how to work around the problems that Roblox gives them. They even got small servers setup for the crimes  and a matchmaking service. The guns work fluent and the heists are fun. Rob the vaults, rob the stores from jewelry and make your escape. That is why this is a very good free Payday 2 clone. You can even purchase contracts!
Take a look at the trailer below.

Video: Bat&Spider

The game is currently in Alpha so it still is in development.
There are a few small bugs but it plays pretty fluent right now if you have a computer that is better then a toaster.

 As shown below I am stealing jewelry!

Unfortunely I failed the mission with my buddy because we were too slow :(
Can you do better?

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