Demented Defense (BETA)

Made by Team Demented

While it certainly has a funny name do not misjudge this game.
This game actually packs a lot of fun in a small simple easy understandable game!
You play as one of the three characters you can pick from the starterscreen and from there you get set up in a serverscreen where you can join a server or make one yourself.

After picking your characters and launching the map you get spawned and a wave with a huge (and it is a really huge wave) of enemies.
Your job is to kill all the enemies!
What also stands out is that the game is free to play in beta, which most games these days are not.
You get two weapons, a melee and ranged weapon. Developer promised for more weapons in the future but for now every character has a unique melee and ranged weapon.
From this photo you can see Im using a minigun on my enemies while I play with three others!

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