Dead Winter

Dead Winter

Made by On the Dot Development

Dead Winter is a FPS game set in a nucleair winter. Your job? Surviving that harsh winter.
Once in every few minutes the weather will get very cold and you need to find a shelter.
There are multiple bases where you can find shelter. Sounds easy? Other players are also finding shelter, and they want to kill you. Find guns, ammonution, clothes and gas-cans to survive.
Use the gas-cans to ride with cars. Without gas your car wont drive. Sneak around in the cities, tundra and on a large airfield while you hunt for players till the winter will come up again and you will be forced to find shelter!

 In conclusion, this is one of those games you are gonna regret you did not try sooner. Get thro the first part (the start is always the hardest) join a faction on one of the teams and get started!

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