Racing early alpha

Made by the TheScriptKing 

Racing early alpha is a new Kart racing game on ROBLOX.
At this moment it only features one map. But the game itself is already very polished!
The karts work good and all the items are there. Some items are a bit slow with getting speed at the moment (shells go very slow) but that will probably change later on since it is so early in alpha.
There are various items from the original game we all know, so you can basically call this a Roblox Mario kart that you can play for free!

I will not rate this game because it is so early in alpha at the moment of writing: 2-28-2016
The game is very new on ROBLOX and needs time to mature and be developed to a full game.
I wish the developers good luck!
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Lets get straight to the point, Roblox might reuse eggs.
Here you can read about the egghunt, it is an event they have once in a while.

As you can see in the top image they displayed three black characters. But lo and behold, we guessed what eggs they choose for this event. So what we wonder at the moment is, are they going to reuse these old models?

The image on top is the one shown on, which is about the egghunt of 2016 of Roblox.
The images below are the old images taken from here:

Feel free to leave a suggestion in the comments.
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ROBLOX released 4.0!
That means you can now play with the 4.0 bodies on ROBLOX.
Go to this game
And you can start playing. I already tested it a bit and I made some screenshots.
So far it misses some stuff and there are some glitches which I will post later!

 You can also test the water in this game, I did not screen shot that because it was very glitchy when I joined the game and it did not work very well.
I like the new animations for when you stand still.
The animations for /e dance and others are still not implemented and can not be used so far.

There were various issues at the moment with the new 4.0 bodies that ROBLOX released today noted:

Characters may clip through the floor. Currently only the upper torso is collidable.

Custom head meshes appear reversed.Hats, Gear and Clothing does not load.

Character rig part names are not final.

Character rig part sizes are not correct.  They will more closely match the Block meshes in the final version.

All animations are temporary.Orientation of all parts are not correct.  They are backwards facing.

Character collisions sometimes result in character flinging.

Mobile devices have not been updated to latest code and will not load R15 places correctly.
There are no sitting or emote animations.

Character head UV scale needs to be reviewed.

Lower arms have a missing polygon.

So far it works pretty well except for those problems.
Hope you have fun with the new 4.0 bodies that ROBLOX released!

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Dead Winter

Dead Winter

Made by On the Dot Development

Dead Winter is a FPS game set in a nucleair winter. Your job? Surviving that harsh winter.
Once in every few minutes the weather will get very cold and you need to find a shelter.
There are multiple bases where you can find shelter. Sounds easy? Other players are also finding shelter, and they want to kill you. Find guns, ammonution, clothes and gas-cans to survive.
Use the gas-cans to ride with cars. Without gas your car wont drive. Sneak around in the cities, tundra and on a large airfield while you hunt for players till the winter will come up again and you will be forced to find shelter!

 In conclusion, this is one of those games you are gonna regret you did not try sooner. Get thro the first part (the start is always the hardest) join a faction on one of the teams and get started!

Footage taken from

My rating:
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Demented Defense (BETA)

Made by Team Demented

While it certainly has a funny name do not misjudge this game.
This game actually packs a lot of fun in a small simple easy understandable game!
You play as one of the three characters you can pick from the starterscreen and from there you get set up in a serverscreen where you can join a server or make one yourself.

After picking your characters and launching the map you get spawned and a wave with a huge (and it is a really huge wave) of enemies.
Your job is to kill all the enemies!
What also stands out is that the game is free to play in beta, which most games these days are not.
You get two weapons, a melee and ranged weapon. Developer promised for more weapons in the future but for now every character has a unique melee and ranged weapon.
From this photo you can see Im using a minigun on my enemies while I play with three others!

My rating:
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ROBLOX is going to replace the 4.0 bodies!
There are going to be replaced with these bodies. Take a look below.
See here R15, the new body.
Pros of R15 (Taken from the devforum here)
  • Assets - All purchased assets will work. This includes hats (accessories), gear, packages, shirts, pants, T-shirts and faces.
  • Shirts and pants will be provided with an R15 template. While an R6 template will work for the R15 avatars, it might not look ideal.
  • Animation tool will fully support R15 by default.
  • You will have API to know whether a given humanoid is an R15 or R6 body
  • You will have high level API constructs to query the framework of both Avatars. This will help make your scripts future proof. 

ROBLOX is also going to implement user generated content again, with expections of people printing rare items of course.

Honestly this is a way better idea then the 2.0 bodies (even if I secretly liked them a lot!) because of the various new stuff developers can do without the ugly bodies of the original 4.0.
ROBLOX also uploaded a walking animation so you can see how the joints can move!

How the new 4.0 body is going to handle clothes:

Any suggestions or commentary? Post below!
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Super Paper Roblox

Made by Explode1

Start a super awesome adventure!
Super Paper Roblox is a Paper-Mario inspired game for free.
With a goofy guy called Aaron you explore the neatly designed world of Super Paper Roblox.
You can solve various missions in peace with great background music. The maps are well designed and honestly it feels and plays like a very fun adventure game!
I have some screenshots from me playing the first few missions.
 The start of the game
 Got to help a witch find an item
Found a dragon instead!
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Time Travel Tycoon

Made by UltraGames

Time Travel tycoon is a tycoon inspired on cloning but with a fun twist.
Ever wanted to play a free Time travel game? Now is your chance.
You can hire mobs to attack the enemy, and earn cash.
There is no passive way to earn cash so far as I am in the game.
You have different kind of ages you can upgrade to and they are all different in weapons and mobs you will get to fight the other players!
There are various ages including the Cavemans, medieval, egyptian, pirate and even the future.
It was honestly a very fun tycoon so far, and its a good time travel game!
I actually thought it would be a Timesplitters inspired game upon reading the title but im pleasantly surprised by the outcome on how they took it. It feels a bit as an Age Of Empires game. Only free!
See here all ages you can upgrade too by the way. You need to gather kills to upgrade to a new age. Those kills must be done by your clones.
See them below in fight!

Give it a try. It is fun and it does not take long to play for a few rounds.
I wont spoil more, you have to figure all the other things out yourself like how different ages you and the best strategy to play this Age Of Empires inspired game! Small hint, dont use all your money in the previous age, you are gonna wait a long time before you can upgrade in the new age.

My rating:

Finished Tycoon:
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Made by Brickman2010

Heist is a new game in developement.
You are a bankrobber that tries to rob banks!
It plays like a free Payday 2. And that is not bad. The game is well designed and knows how to work around the problems that Roblox gives them. They even got small servers setup for the crimes  and a matchmaking service. The guns work fluent and the heists are fun. Rob the vaults, rob the stores from jewelry and make your escape. That is why this is a very good free Payday 2 clone. You can even purchase contracts!
Take a look at the trailer below.

Video: Bat&Spider

The game is currently in Alpha so it still is in development.
There are a few small bugs but it plays pretty fluent right now if you have a computer that is better then a toaster.

 As shown below I am stealing jewelry!

Unfortunely I failed the mission with my buddy because we were too slow :(
Can you do better?

My rating:
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