Retail Tycoon Beta

Made by Haggie125

Retail Tycoon is a different tycoon then the usual. In this tycoon you are challenged to be a store owner, and you are in charge of getting supplies, ordering the furniture, upgrading the parkinglot, signs and more!
After the first few moments ingame your first customers will drop by and buy the first few items you bought for your store.

 In this simple interface you place buyorders. Those items wont magically appear on the shelves...
You actually have to manage them and order a stocker around to refill the shelves while you are busy building your Roblox Store!

 The details ingame are pretty cool and its fun to see if they bought a soda you can actually see it passing by.
You also want to help in your own store? You can!
It is actually encouraged. Stand behind the cashier and help out with all the customers.

Currently I am here. Did not bought a lot yet but so far it is very fun. Dont worry, your store does not have to be so straight. You can buy plots and build on them. See the two screenshots below!

Overall, a very fun tycoon game on Roblox and worth your time!
 Only con is that it costs 25 Robux. Which is not a problem too, because it is worth those few Robux!

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