Pokemon Brick Bronze

Made by Pokemon Brick Bronze Team

(Beta game - review may change or not reflect the game properly after updates ingame)

I got Pokemon Brick Bronze for free from a friend.

Pokemon Brick Bronze is also a fairly new game and entered the Pokemon market on

After Project: Pokemon, Pokemon Fighters EX and many more Brick Bronze was here  to change it.

Most Pokemon games on Roblox are a lot of things except good.
Some have millions of microtransactions (Project Pokemon) some just look not good or like a straight up copycat.

Pokemon Brick Bronze does it differently.
They got rid of the normal Poke themed menus and designed their own which work way better on pc with a keyboard and mouse.

Take a look at these images for example for the menu.

You can quickly switch the pokemon and items around.

Battles look really good in my opinion. They are very smooth for a Roblox game!

The maps are themed, you can see other players, the battles are in 3d.
The one thing that I feel that is missing is attack moves at the moment.
Currently they are also building on the road, gyms and story so I believe they are focussing on that for the moment. Which I appreciate. The only thing this game is missing is a lot of content!

My rating:

Content is key. It would let it seriously move to a 8 or 8.5 for me because the game itself is great.
But why not a ten you ask me?

Microtransactions. One of the Key items they added later in the Pokemon games (xp-share), is locked away behind a paywall for now. They figured most would get it anyway, and they do. But that does not mean its a very nice practice for a game that is not totally finished yet. Or not at all actually. Frustrating they thought it was a kind move to put that item behind a paywall. You can do without it but its so much better to play if you have it to train lower leveled pokemons.
But its a great game except for that.
Thats why the rating stays at a 7/10


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can you please give me the game for free too :(

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