First game on the list.

What list you ask?

Most awesome Roblox games.

These are the games that in MY OPINION deserve more rights that the Roblox front-page and a dedicated list with other great games on Roblox!

First game on the list:

Phantom Forces Beta

Made by StyLiS Studios

Its an new shooter on Roblox, which is climbing in popularity and all over the Roblox streams on Twitch.

It has a very positive rating and while that is no very hard task on Roblox this rating is very good!

Its a very simple FPS which has various weapons, upgrades and more. 
Some for in-game money. All are unlock able in-game. Some might take huge amounts of time.

This is your starter screen, here you deploy your weapons and such.
 You can also view stats here. And see what map is running at the moment.


My rating:

Its a great game, but there are some huge micro transactions. 
Also it tends to stutter on a lot of computers.
Which isnt bad, but makes it lower a few points because a lot of people who read this probably cant run this.


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