Sharpshooter Mines

Made by Cindering

I played this game before, which explains my level 6 and no kills.

You need to build a base tycoon style, but with one difference. Most mining goes manually.
That means huge fights on who gets the best ores like the diamond ore!

After you gathered enough materials you can upgrade weapons, shields and pickaxes ingame.
It is one of the best mining games on Roblox in my opinion.
The shooting could be upgraded and I do think this game would get better with forced first person mode. Guns and third person don't tend to work very properly. (You can shoot without turning around etc)

My rating:

Miner's Haven

Made by Berezaa Games

Another game where you have to mine, but also one that works very well!
After being greeted with a fairly long loading time, I got ready to play.
This tycoon allows you to build your own droppers but in a different way.
No more stuck to grids and buttons you got to walk over.
In this game you can actually build your mining tycoon. As in, you decide where the hoppers go, you decide where you want walls and floors!
It is one of those Roblox games that can keep you busy for hours. A very good Idle game that is totally free.

My rating:

Lumber Tycoon 2

Made by Defaultio

Lumber Tycoon 2 is a game where you need to chop wood and saw it into planks working towards a Wood emporium. Chop wood, upgrade your tools like axes and sawmachines and make it bigger.
Also here you can build your own machine, to make it just as you like. This tycoon has no droppers and really makes you think on how your machine can be build the best!
I got to say tho, this game is appreciated best while being played.
It has a rough start but once you get everything up it should get easier and smoother to get all trees down and delivered to the factory you build.
Check some  ingame screenshots.

 The shop
 Someone driving up to the factory
 Dropping his wood into the sawmill
 Plots you can buy

My rating:

Clone Factory

Made by IamtheRolo_

Clonefactory is a game build around cloning you guess it, clones!
You get clones which will fight for you, and you can order them around and give them weapons, perks and skills. By doing that you get points which you can invest in your tycoon.
I was surprised to find they have a minigame build it so when you are really bad at strategic placement of clones, you can still earn a lot of ingame cash.
There are hoppers to upgrade, clones, weapons, tycoon itself and more.
You can also get a Roblox Bike for free! Check the Promocodes below to see how.

CloneFactory also has promocodes.
Promocodes in CloneFactory can be used to get a ingame advantages.

Clonefactory promocodes:

- cluckcluck (archery weapon)
- cashmoneydollar (15.000 ingame money)
- sssvipersss (healing weapon)
- stickysituation (five free stickers for on your gun)
- laserscytheomg (pew pew, clones can shoot a lasergun)
- crazycashfire (10.000 ingame money)
- camosdudewut (three camo keys)
- cutefluffyunicorn (Use pink magic on your enemies)
- firemeup (clones can start a BBQ)
- 5tickerkey5pl5 (five stickers for free for on your gun)
- cashfromad (5.000 ingame money)
- singlecamo (1 free camo for your gun)
- stickersforme (more stickers)

My rating:



Unknown zei

Update log: Miners Haven is currently under construction,
New Droppers,Furnaces,Upgrades and more!
Including the Youtuber Mine to get it you must have a youtube channel with something saying ab out our game like this: Minershavenisthebest054 and you will get it
Also,A hidden item that can be found at one of the trees

-Berezaa Games

Guru zei

Thank you Unknown, I will give it a look and update the review when Miners Haven is done with the construction.

Rhysonator 123 zei

Thanks for the codes!

Unknown zei

What about themeparktycoon2?

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