Attack of the Slimes 

Sadly the original place shut down and it does not get updated that much anymore.
It was a very popular game and very fun!

You throw various objects at slimes and that gives you points, those points can be spend in the main castle to get better weapons. Nice if you want to spend a few minutes playing a different kind of Roblox tycoon.

Build to survive Drakobloxxers

Build bases and protect yourself from enemies!
In my opinion the best build your base game, and it is still very popular because of that.

You work together to build a safe place away from the monsters that spawn every seconds.
Give it a shot!

Eleven Slides of Destiny

Eleven Slides of Destiny is a pretty simple game, you drop on a slide and just glide all the way down. 
One problem, the slide is deadly. If you touch it you die and you have to try again.
You can build a raft or try it with a skateboard.

Hospital Nightmare 3

The original is gone but luckily there is a copy floating that I linked in the title.
Very fun game in my opinion! It says it is a Roblox horror game but I am not so sure about that. Some might find it scary though. The game plays a story and invites you to play along the adventure. No free roaming, it is pure levels and story. It is very interesting!

Jet Wars Advanced Battle

Also a pretty simple game. You can fly with planes and shoot them down with rpgs!
There are many ways to use tactics, and surprisingly the game runs very smooth and everything works good. I honestly can recommend giving this game a try. It might be hard at first to get used to the controls but make sure to check out the help section on the left side of the screen. You can start the engine in Jet Wars Advanced Battle with Y. Make sure to press that or your plane wont fly!

Have fun!


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