What are the best horror/scary games on Roblox?
Lets find out!

I made a list with in my opinion the scariest games of Roblox.
You dont have to find them scary, because Roblox is not scary in general.
But from all the cute puppies these are the ones with the big claws and teeth.
So lets commence with the best horror games on Roblox!

1. Another

Made by Unclear

Another starts with a story (which I wont spoil) and spawns you in a dark room.
From there you get instructions which you will follow.
Controls are wonky but that is on purpose. I love the addition of this. It certainly makes the game more immersive!
I got my first jumpscare a few seconds in and yelled "oh f*ck".
This game is scary and worthy of a placing on this list on top.
The sounds, the darkness, the controls.. Its all horrible at the same time and will make you jump out of your chair repeatedly.

2. Saw


Saw is another adventure horrorstory game.
It shows its age pretty bad, but the adventuring itself is very fun.
Another con was that the game does not have any checkpoints, but dieing goes easily.
Which makes you do certain rooms over and over and it can be annoying if other people are in the way.

It shows some very fun moments tho and it has its charms. If you like horror adventure games on Roblox you should try this one too!

3. Confined, a Story of Death and Shadows

Made by Tyridge77 

Certainly the longest title on this list, but also a very fun one.
Never played this one before so when I found out about this game on Roblox I jumped right on it.
Confined (we will just call it Confined for this list) is a game that also starts you in a room, but in a house this time.
Weird noices to be heard, and while you goof around you will get some good scares and spooky moments! The game is overall very dark. You can see the developers put much thought into the game and worked hard on it, and it shows very well.

Have fun playing all these scary games on Roblox.
Put any suggestions for more in the list of all horror games on Roblox, and if they are scary enough I will add them!


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