Paintball Frenzy


Want to play a free online paintball FPS?
This is the game you want to play then!
Paintball Frenzy is a multiplayer Paintball Frenzy.
It places you in a map and you need to shoot the opposite team!
The game is very fun, but some people have a high level, and that puts you in a pretty big disadvantage as new player. If you are pretty good in shooters, this will be a rewarding challenge.
I played this game before on another account so the game is not that new. But there are so huge updates on weapons and maps.

My rating:
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Do you want to play Roblox on your Xbox One?
You finally can.
I was browsing this morning and found this link

From the store page:

All the games on ROBLOX are created by gamers like you! Play solo or with friends in a variety of indie games exclusive to ROBLOX. Find Strategy, Platformer, Role Playing, Tycoon, Shooter, Survival games and more! ROBLOX is free to play, although you can buy ROBUX, our virtual currency, to upgrade the look of your ROBLOX avatar or to get optional in-game power-ups.

It shows that it finally works, and it works good.
You can also use ROBUX in-game, which is pretty much a necessary for some popular games on ROBLOX!

Quickly head to the download page on your Xbox One to download Roblox for free!
If you missed the link here it is again:

If you can not download Roblox on the Xbox One change your Xbox One setting location to the US! 
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Retail Tycoon Beta

Made by Haggie125

Retail Tycoon is a different tycoon then the usual. In this tycoon you are challenged to be a store owner, and you are in charge of getting supplies, ordering the furniture, upgrading the parkinglot, signs and more!
After the first few moments ingame your first customers will drop by and buy the first few items you bought for your store.

 In this simple interface you place buyorders. Those items wont magically appear on the shelves...
You actually have to manage them and order a stocker around to refill the shelves while you are busy building your Roblox Store!

 The details ingame are pretty cool and its fun to see if they bought a soda you can actually see it passing by.
You also want to help in your own store? You can!
It is actually encouraged. Stand behind the cashier and help out with all the customers.

Currently I am here. Did not bought a lot yet but so far it is very fun. Dont worry, your store does not have to be so straight. You can buy plots and build on them. See the two screenshots below!

Overall, a very fun tycoon game on Roblox and worth your time!
 Only con is that it costs 25 Robux. Which is not a problem too, because it is worth those few Robux!

My rating:
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King's Obby

King's Obby

Made by Zenuvius

One of the hardest obby I played.
King's obby is a very simple map. It looks easy when you start but soon you will notice it is the one of the hardest games of Roblox!

There are a few levels, but each level takes a while, and on dead you will respawn at a checkpoint.
There is a huge maze too. It is one of the biggest mazes on Roblox!
To always get through the maze I will give you a small cheat, follow the left wall. Always.
You will reach the ending of the maze in minutes!

There are more areas as the the mountains, and a broken down factory.

If you reach the ending you will be crowned king!

My rating:
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Legoblock Adventure 4

Game by Legoblockguy

Successor of the previous legoblock 1, 2 and 3 the developer made a number 4. It is a pretty old game but still very fun if you are a fun of obby games on Roblox!
You are an adventurer looking for tokens which unlock new levels.
You need an amount of tokens for each level unlocks.
The game also requests that you gather coins and a ducky that Frankie owns but looses on each level.

The game is great in variety each level and makes sure none of the levels look a like.
There is a possibility to play it with friends. Join a game together and figure out how to unlock each coin, key and token.
I can recommend it!

My rating:
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What are the best horror/scary games on Roblox?
Lets find out!

I made a list with in my opinion the scariest games of Roblox.
You dont have to find them scary, because Roblox is not scary in general.
But from all the cute puppies these are the ones with the big claws and teeth.
So lets commence with the best horror games on Roblox!

1. Another

Made by Unclear

Another starts with a story (which I wont spoil) and spawns you in a dark room.
From there you get instructions which you will follow.
Controls are wonky but that is on purpose. I love the addition of this. It certainly makes the game more immersive!
I got my first jumpscare a few seconds in and yelled "oh f*ck".
This game is scary and worthy of a placing on this list on top.
The sounds, the darkness, the controls.. Its all horrible at the same time and will make you jump out of your chair repeatedly.

2. Saw


Saw is another adventure horrorstory game.
It shows its age pretty bad, but the adventuring itself is very fun.
Another con was that the game does not have any checkpoints, but dieing goes easily.
Which makes you do certain rooms over and over and it can be annoying if other people are in the way.

It shows some very fun moments tho and it has its charms. If you like horror adventure games on Roblox you should try this one too!

3. Confined, a Story of Death and Shadows

Made by Tyridge77 

Certainly the longest title on this list, but also a very fun one.
Never played this one before so when I found out about this game on Roblox I jumped right on it.
Confined (we will just call it Confined for this list) is a game that also starts you in a room, but in a house this time.
Weird noices to be heard, and while you goof around you will get some good scares and spooky moments! The game is overall very dark. You can see the developers put much thought into the game and worked hard on it, and it shows very well.

Have fun playing all these scary games on Roblox.
Put any suggestions for more in the list of all horror games on Roblox, and if they are scary enough I will add them!

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Sharpshooter Mines

Made by Cindering

I played this game before, which explains my level 6 and no kills.

You need to build a base tycoon style, but with one difference. Most mining goes manually.
That means huge fights on who gets the best ores like the diamond ore!

After you gathered enough materials you can upgrade weapons, shields and pickaxes ingame.
It is one of the best mining games on Roblox in my opinion.
The shooting could be upgraded and I do think this game would get better with forced first person mode. Guns and third person don't tend to work very properly. (You can shoot without turning around etc)

My rating:

Miner's Haven

Made by Berezaa Games

Another game where you have to mine, but also one that works very well!
After being greeted with a fairly long loading time, I got ready to play.
This tycoon allows you to build your own droppers but in a different way.
No more stuck to grids and buttons you got to walk over.
In this game you can actually build your mining tycoon. As in, you decide where the hoppers go, you decide where you want walls and floors!
It is one of those Roblox games that can keep you busy for hours. A very good Idle game that is totally free.

My rating:

Lumber Tycoon 2

Made by Defaultio

Lumber Tycoon 2 is a game where you need to chop wood and saw it into planks working towards a Wood emporium. Chop wood, upgrade your tools like axes and sawmachines and make it bigger.
Also here you can build your own machine, to make it just as you like. This tycoon has no droppers and really makes you think on how your machine can be build the best!
I got to say tho, this game is appreciated best while being played.
It has a rough start but once you get everything up it should get easier and smoother to get all trees down and delivered to the factory you build.
Check some  ingame screenshots.

 The shop
 Someone driving up to the factory
 Dropping his wood into the sawmill
 Plots you can buy

My rating:

Clone Factory

Made by IamtheRolo_

Clonefactory is a game build around cloning you guess it, clones!
You get clones which will fight for you, and you can order them around and give them weapons, perks and skills. By doing that you get points which you can invest in your tycoon.
I was surprised to find they have a minigame build it so when you are really bad at strategic placement of clones, you can still earn a lot of ingame cash.
There are hoppers to upgrade, clones, weapons, tycoon itself and more.
You can also get a Roblox Bike for free! Check the Promocodes below to see how.

CloneFactory also has promocodes.
Promocodes in CloneFactory can be used to get a ingame advantages.

Clonefactory promocodes:

- cluckcluck (archery weapon)
- cashmoneydollar (15.000 ingame money)
- sssvipersss (healing weapon)
- stickysituation (five free stickers for on your gun)
- laserscytheomg (pew pew, clones can shoot a lasergun)
- crazycashfire (10.000 ingame money)
- camosdudewut (three camo keys)
- cutefluffyunicorn (Use pink magic on your enemies)
- firemeup (clones can start a BBQ)
- 5tickerkey5pl5 (five stickers for free for on your gun)
- cashfromad (5.000 ingame money)
- singlecamo (1 free camo for your gun)
- stickersforme (more stickers)

My rating:


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Orb League

Orb League

Made by AznDibz

Game is still in alpha, but still very fun!
I played a few rounds and was mesmerized how smooth the game runs and how fun it can be.
You are a blob that tries to get the ball, and score in the opposite team their goal.
Score and get one point for making a goal, and the opposite team gets one for scoring in your goal.
Very easy, but tricky to master.

There is only one problem with this game so far, it needs players!
I recommend playing with friends for now.

My rating:
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Attack of the Slimes 

Sadly the original place shut down and it does not get updated that much anymore.
It was a very popular game and very fun!

You throw various objects at slimes and that gives you points, those points can be spend in the main castle to get better weapons. Nice if you want to spend a few minutes playing a different kind of Roblox tycoon.

Build to survive Drakobloxxers

Build bases and protect yourself from enemies!
In my opinion the best build your base game, and it is still very popular because of that.

You work together to build a safe place away from the monsters that spawn every seconds.
Give it a shot!

Eleven Slides of Destiny

Eleven Slides of Destiny is a pretty simple game, you drop on a slide and just glide all the way down. 
One problem, the slide is deadly. If you touch it you die and you have to try again.
You can build a raft or try it with a skateboard.

Hospital Nightmare 3

The original is gone but luckily there is a copy floating that I linked in the title.
Very fun game in my opinion! It says it is a Roblox horror game but I am not so sure about that. Some might find it scary though. The game plays a story and invites you to play along the adventure. No free roaming, it is pure levels and story. It is very interesting!

Jet Wars Advanced Battle

Also a pretty simple game. You can fly with planes and shoot them down with rpgs!
There are many ways to use tactics, and surprisingly the game runs very smooth and everything works good. I honestly can recommend giving this game a try. It might be hard at first to get used to the controls but make sure to check out the help section on the left side of the screen. You can start the engine in Jet Wars Advanced Battle with Y. Make sure to press that or your plane wont fly!

Have fun!
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Made by Team Deathrun

Deathrun has been through a few seasons.
We are at the winter season now!
Deathrun in Roblox is pretty simple.

You run a parkour, and try to not fall into any traps. Best part, someone is controlling the traps!
The teams are split in two. One team tries to reach the ending and the other one is the killer who enables all the traps. The killer wins successfully if they kill each person, and the other team wins if they reach the end and kill the killer.

There are three maps so far which are all pretty fun in my opinion.
Cash shop is in it, but nothing is Pay To Win.
You can also get great goodies for free like awesome boosters and trails!

My rating:
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Speed Run 4

Speed Run 4

Made by Vurse

Speed Run 4 is been around for a while.
You are a speedrunner, which has to complete the levels as fast as possible.
Starting at a yellow bar your speed will increase.
They have 28 levels at the moment. Most of them are themed differently.
It plays like an obby, but faster and with exciting cool maps!
Take a look below to see some examples

And some of the maps might look a like later on, but atleast its different then an obby with everything mashed together in one room.

You can also collect cards
 There are around 19 cards as far as I know and from what I have seen.
No use for any of them, but bragging rights.

My rating:

It plays fun, it works well and it promises exactly what it delivers on.

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