Purple Skittles

Made by First Church of Bubbleism


Purple Skittles is a game that challenges you to the hardest air-hockey games you have ever played. 
You start as the guy shown here:
Your job is to collect 8 purple skittles and save the kingdom. While you are busy collecting the gems you get attacked by random passerby's that try to challenge you to a game of air hockey.
Purple Skittles has a healthy dose of humor and it shows.

This is one of the cutscenes the developer made.

The fighting style is also new and not done before which gives a fresh breath in the genre of games on ROBLOX. You pick a choice between four boxes that allow you to fight, pick an item, special moves or run.

If you pick fight you will see this

The enemy will shoot a load of pucks towards you and your job is to stop them all. If you stop them you survive, and you get a chance to shot one puck towards to the enemy. If you do this right the enemy will loose health. Keep continuing and you will win the battle and level up!

So far as I have played there are a lot of maps, and a lot of dialogue to play through which makes this game very fun and interesting. Give it a shot!

My rating:
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Made by Numoji


 Rollernauts is a fun minigame that challenges you to be the best!
You are a small guy on a ball, that needs to push others off the playboard.
Sounds very easy, till you realize the controls are pretty hard to master, and others are trying to push you off the board to.
The game starts with 4 or 5 players on the board. After a short countdown you are able to move around and start kicking people of the board. It is hilarious to see what happens. Especially because you have powerups that can completely change who is winning. For example, you can fly so you can get back on the board, drop bombs and more. Some maps also have challenging elements like wind, or platforms that disappear.

In the map above the middle part can disappear, making it way harder to stay on the board without falling off.
Here is the middle made of ice, which as you know makes it really hard to have control over a small moving ball.

You win you get points, which you can exchange to buy new balls in Rollernauts.
If you run out of time ingame, sudden death starts which means you will only have one life.
This game is easy to play, but very hard to master. And every game is a lot of fun!
The powerups certainly keeps things very interesting.

When playing the game I have noticed everything works very smooth which is important for a minigame that counts on your skills. The maps are awesome, the voting for maps works great and there are no pay to win elements.

My rating:
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How to script on ROBLOX.

There are various ways to learn how to script on ROBLOX.

Before you start, you should realize that learning code is not easy.
But once you get the hang of it, it will become fun!
When you are done you too can make awesome games!

Where to start if you want to learn to script on ROBLOX?

The best way is to learn with videos.
There are hundreds of videos on how to script on Youtube.
To make things easier I even gathered some links of useful Youtube videos.

This video is the best to start with. It is published by ROBLOX and goes over the various things you need to remind when you want to start scripting.

After you have watched that video you know the basics of scripting, but you can not script yet.
For the best way to learn keep the guide of ROBLOX wiki on scripting on the side with the next few steps. By using this guide you can easily search up certain key phrases from videos that you do not understand yet. Also do not be afraid to ask for help in the comments on the videos, most people are glad to help!

This playlist from the user Friaza on Youtube is very helpful from here on out. He will help you learn LUA, the most important part of scripting on ROBLOX. Make sure to watch each and every video! Also keep ROBLOX Studio open so you can build and script along the side.

After this you want to start dissecting free models on ROBLOX.

Read what kind of scripts they contain, and learn to understand how the code works together.

Goodluck on learning to script!

A few small tips to remind while learning to script:
There is a Discord channel for ROBLOX that has a lot of developers that you can ask for help.
I can not stress this enough, use the wiki!
You will not learn to code instantly, you need patience and need to work hard.
Learn to code LUA, it will make scripting on ROBLOX so much easier.
Do not work on anything that you do not enjoy. Does your project become boring? Start a new one!
And on that note, keep working on projects you like. It can become the next frontpage game on ROBLOX!

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If you can not play ROBLOX on your computer there are ways to get around that.
These tips are for people that want to unblock ROBLOX at school or work.

You can always ask the teacher if he/she can unblock ROBLOX.
It is after all a very educational program and you can learn a lot from it.
Show how studio works and you might even get programming lessons in the future so you can make your own ROBLOX games!

Getting a portable VPN is also a good option. Ultrasurf (Click here) is a portable free VPN that unblocks ROBLOX sites and more! You also do not have to install any programs.

These are the methods that you can use to get access to ROBLOX in work or school.
Have fun!
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How to download and install ROBLOX games.

You heard about the best game ever.
And now you want to download and install ROBLOX as soon as possible.
Before you sign up to ROBLOX you should think if you want an account or not.
An account gives you the privilege to chat with other users, and save progress on games.
Without account you can still chat. But only with sentences as okay, yes and no. Also games will not save your progress.

After you have decided if you want an account or not you can go ahead and go to
Sign up with proper information and an username that is not related to your real name if you want an account.

You will now get prompted with a request for the download of ROBLOX.

Accept the request and install the program.
It will install ROBLOX Player and ROBLOX Studio.
ROBLOX Player is necessary if you want to play games.
You need ROBLOX Studio to make games yourself. If you are not interested in making games you can uninstall ROBLOX Studio.

After installation of ROBLOX you can go back to and play!
Make sure to go to the login page to login if you want to save progress and be able to chat with other people in-game.

If you are a parent and want your child to play ROBLOX safe online make sure to read the extra information written here by ROBLOX.

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Today I am going to explain to you how to find the song ID on ROBLOX.
You need the song ID for various games like Murder Mystery and others that have a boombox equipment!

First step: Go to

Second step: Click on Develop in the upper tab, and then click on Library

Third step: Click on audio and type the song you want in the search bar as shown here:

Fourth step: Test the sound by clicking on the play button. If it is the song ID from ROBLOX you want you copy the part of the url as shown in the image below:

Fifth step and last step: Go to the game you want to play like Murder Mystery and insert the Song ID!

And that is how you find a Song ID on ROBLOX.

Have fun!
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In Plain Sight

Made by aII_duck

In Plain Sight is a game based around being a thief!
Are you the best thief in Roblox?  Because now you can show it.
The game works as following.
You either get to be a thief or the camera.
If you are the thief you need to steal as much as you can before the camera catches you.
You have special perks like a smokebomb or more speed to dodge the deadly laser the camera can use on the thieves to disable them.
If you are the camera you can use the lasers and disable the thieves, and with that you earn cash. Thieves earn cash for each item they successfully bring to the exit. It makes for a very exciting game!

 These are the instructions first time you enter the game.
The red blocks show where to dump your items.

Here can you see that a person is using the camera and trying to catch the thieves.

And here you can see me trying to dodge a camera.
You might notice the icon below, that is one of the perks. I can press E for extra speed!

This is a very solid game so far. The maps work great but there are a small amount of bugs that need to be fixed. For example it is very hard to switch cameras sometimes. If the developer keeps improving this game I can definitely recommend this game!

My rating:
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Theme Park Tycoon 2

Made by Den_S

If you like games like Roller coaster tycoon this is the game for you!
I remember back in the days building roller-coasters for days and testing them out.
Building soda-stands next to bathrooms and asking 30 dollar for a bathroom break.
All to make the biggest and nicest tycoon.
Lately there are not many games anymore that have a lot of tycoon elements.
 Den_S on Roblox developed Theme Park Tycoon 2.
It is one of the most detailed tycoons I have ever seen!
Almost every element from the Roller-coaster tycoon games are there.

I will go over the key-features and the details that interested me the most.
If you cant wait you can play the game right now for free on Roblox.
Make sure to check this game out if you like games based on roller-coaster tycoon!

Den_S added a lot of key-features that showed that he is very experienced in developing on Roblox and it was (and still is) a joy to play.

You can build your own roller-coasters, test them out and make the most crazy attractions.

Theme park made by Quicky_Games

 There are also stalls like the ice-cream stand, pizza-stand, slushy stand and many more.
Attractions are split in different categories.
You have the gentle rides, intense rides, roller-coasters, water attractions and transportation attractions. All attractions that follow a specific route (like the car on rails) are custom and you can decide how the attraction will look.
The most important attractions like teacups, observation tower, swinging ship and many more are all available for play!

Scenery is an important part of theme-parks to give the park an unique feel.
You can plant trees, fences, and props to completely change the look of your roller-coaster park.

There is multiplayer!
Did you always wanted to play rollercoaster tycoon in multiplayer? It is possible now!
You can add and remove builders from your terrain. Just add their nickname in the settings and they get approved to build with you together. Perfect to waste a afternoon with friends in a great way.

There are many more interesting little details like adding water, changing landscape and more.
And it is totally free to play!

If your computer isn't the best, they also added options to show less customers, and with that you can also play this on an older computer.

Check some of the screenshots below to get a quick impression of the game. But dont let graphics fool you, this game is very deep.

 Above here I am sitting inside the swinging ship. Lets go Malaysia!

 Here is where I started building. The first building the spinning cups.
It is not much yet.
 After a few minutes of playing I finally started to see some awesome progress going on.
I really like using props but I am one of the worst builders.

 A small screenshot of my little cafeteria, I build it myself!

I had a lot of fun playing, and I can definitely recommend this game!
Everything is available to use, and while it is in BETA a lot is done already and working great.

Click here to play

My rating:
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Critical Strike

Made by EpicGames20

One of the best fighting-games I have seen so far in ROBLOX is Critical Strike.
The game is in Alpa but all the important parts work smooth.
You can choose between a lot of classes.
When you start you spawn with the default warrior. I recommend checking out all the classes and weapons they have in game.

This for example is the warrior.

You also have a tutorial area where you can train on various dummies so you can easily train and practice your moves better.

Above you see the dummy area.

Other classes have different moves. For example a mage can shoot various (fire?)balls to the enemy to inflict huge amounts of damage.
While this game is pretty new it is very busy already and you should not have any problem finding a good match.

I had a lot of fun playing while i am really bad at fighting games. This game is exactly what ROBLOX needed in the fighter scene.
People who like to fight one on one are also not dissapointed, there is an arena to fight eachother.
Everything necessary is in this game, and it is only getting better.

Click here to play this game

My rating:

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Bob's Burgers in ROBLOX

Made by EMILY080 

Someone remade Bob/s Burgers in ROBLOX.
This is technically not a game. It is a showcase showing us the house where the main crew hangs out most of the episodes.
I was surprised to see so many details. It looks great.
One note to make, some things might be not in the same spot as you have seen it in the show since props get moved around depending on the scenes in Bob's Burgers.

 The main part of the map the artists build. They started on Bob's Burgers. The details are great, most are taken from the later episodes. Lets take a look inside.

 First thing I have noticed is Linda! Linda is standing in her standard spot asking what burger you want to have. I was surprised the burger looked actually good on the menu in the back of here.
I would love to try a "New Bacon-ing".

 Chilling with Bob in the back buggering him about his recipes.

 The main bedroom. And again, I am surprised by all the little details.

 Guess who this is!
Tina got a bit of an attitude tho.

 The kitchen.
Many weird conversations has been had at that table.

 No explanation needed here I guess. Funny to see how they remembered she lived in a closet.

 Gene making an awesome new song. In the back you can see a bit of the logo of jimmy's pesto already.

 Morts crematorium. Unfortunately I could not enter these buildings as of now. The build is still going on as of writing so there is a possibility you can also visit these buildings from the inside now.

 Jimmy Pesto's Pizzeria

And a last shot of the living room in Bob's Burgers.

Make sure to check out the build yourself.

Click here to play

My rating:

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Crate Stack

Crate Stack

Made by Spectrabox

Nice little game to pass the time.
As the title says you are supposed to stack crates and try to get the highest score you can possibly can. It starts of pretty easy but the more crates you stack the harder the game gets!
This game is very polished and works very good! I can see this ROBLOX game get to mobile.

Give it a try!

My rating:

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Reddit user Charlie8841 developed a plugin on Google Chrome that brings comments back on the Roblox Item pages.

This is the link to the plugin: Roblox plugin

You can only add the plugin on Google Chrome as of the moment.

It wont bring the old comments back but you can use it to comment again on pages and others can read it again!

There might be no comments for now because the plugin is pretty new, but we can change that.

Give it a try!

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Rythm Master

Rythm Master

Made by Xsitsu

As the developer calls it, An anime styled rhythm game. Rock out to your favorite anime songs.
And it does! It is a very unique concept and it works very well with the ROBLOX engine. You have the choice between a lot of songs and can all play them. There is a lot of detailed work in the game. Rythm Master shows lyrics with the songs at the same time for example. That must have been a lot of work and it shows off.

 This ROBLOX game is optimized for playing with a controller!
 That is the only thing I did not like, the layout for the keys. If the keys chosen were different from zxas it would have been better.

My rating:
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ROBLOX Egghunt 2016

Are you curious to what Eggs ROBLOX will release for the Egg hunt of 2016?
Check this image below and see all the possible eggs they released so far.

We posted earlier about them all copying various eggs from events they had earlier and I guess this is true then! I already see the third egg on the first row, and we discussed earlier if that one would show up and it did.

Feel free to leave any comments in the suggestions about the Eggs, curious of what you think of the designs they choose for this event!
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Roblox stopped giving the TIX login bonus.
Are you wondering why you do not get any TIX login bonus?
They discontinued the TIX because of various reasons.
One of the most important ones that they want more items in the catalog to be free, and to push players to buy ROBUX.
Simply put, you will get no free ROBUX anymore and you will need to develop a game, sell clothing or buy ROBUX.

Read more about ROBLOXs decision here:

Goodbye TIX, you were the most awesome thing on ROBLOX so far, and provided new players with something to look forward to each day.

ROBLOX released a few outfits for free in preparation for the new catalog, get these free new catalog items from ROBLOX.


Brown charmer hair
Roblox Boy
Roblox Girl 
I <3 Pizza
Guitar Tee with Black Jacket
Green Jersey
Orange Shades
Jade Necklace
Blond Spiked Hair
Stylish Aviators
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Hardest obby on ROBLOX!

Rage Against the Sewing Machine

Made by NWSpacek

Another obby! But why is this one so different?
It is not the obby like you are used to, this obby is actually really hard!
Instead of jumping on blocks and following paths like the usual obbies you will get placed on a factory conveyor, and you need to dodge the lasers!
It is very tricky the first time, and yes you will get frustrated.
But it is an unique way to make an obby and very intresting!
Bonuspoints because it also works so damn smooth and all collisions are worked out propely. So no bugs!
Give it a look yourself, I dont want to spoil this one with screenshots :)

My rating:
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ROBLOX released Team Create a few hours ago.
What does this mean for you and me? Finally we can build together in Studio.
Everyone used to work seperately on projects even if you worked in teams or with a friend.
It was a hassle switching projects, scripts and more around because you could not build together in ROBLOX Studio.
From the ROBLOX Wiki:
"Team Create is a ROBLOX Studio Tool that allows you to simultaneously edit your places with other people. When you enable Team Create in a place, you can invite your friends to join you to edit. Everyone editing the place will see the changes others are making as they are happening. You can see where the other editor’s cameras are, what they are selecting, and can even chat to coordinate your creation."

It is a pretty easy set up to do and it works fairly well except for a few bugs, but that can be approved later on.
This is a very exciting developement from ROBLOX and great that they started this!
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Racing early alpha

Made by the TheScriptKing 

Racing early alpha is a new Kart racing game on ROBLOX.
At this moment it only features one map. But the game itself is already very polished!
The karts work good and all the items are there. Some items are a bit slow with getting speed at the moment (shells go very slow) but that will probably change later on since it is so early in alpha.
There are various items from the original game we all know, so you can basically call this a Roblox Mario kart that you can play for free!

I will not rate this game because it is so early in alpha at the moment of writing: 2-28-2016
The game is very new on ROBLOX and needs time to mature and be developed to a full game.
I wish the developers good luck!
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Lets get straight to the point, Roblox might reuse eggs.
Here you can read about the egghunt, it is an event they have once in a while.

As you can see in the top image they displayed three black characters. But lo and behold, we guessed what eggs they choose for this event. So what we wonder at the moment is, are they going to reuse these old models?

The image on top is the one shown on, which is about the egghunt of 2016 of Roblox.
The images below are the old images taken from here:

Feel free to leave a suggestion in the comments.
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ROBLOX released 4.0!
That means you can now play with the 4.0 bodies on ROBLOX.
Go to this game
And you can start playing. I already tested it a bit and I made some screenshots.
So far it misses some stuff and there are some glitches which I will post later!

 You can also test the water in this game, I did not screen shot that because it was very glitchy when I joined the game and it did not work very well.
I like the new animations for when you stand still.
The animations for /e dance and others are still not implemented and can not be used so far.

There were various issues at the moment with the new 4.0 bodies that ROBLOX released today noted:

Characters may clip through the floor. Currently only the upper torso is collidable.

Custom head meshes appear reversed.Hats, Gear and Clothing does not load.

Character rig part names are not final.

Character rig part sizes are not correct.  They will more closely match the Block meshes in the final version.

All animations are temporary.Orientation of all parts are not correct.  They are backwards facing.

Character collisions sometimes result in character flinging.

Mobile devices have not been updated to latest code and will not load R15 places correctly.
There are no sitting or emote animations.

Character head UV scale needs to be reviewed.

Lower arms have a missing polygon.

So far it works pretty well except for those problems.
Hope you have fun with the new 4.0 bodies that ROBLOX released!

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