Swordburst 2

Made by Swordburst 2

Swordburst 2 is the first of it's kind on Roblox, with a variety of enemies and bosses, this will keep you occupied for hours!

pvp arena swordburst 2
Swordburst 2 PVP Arena

This is your typical RPG adventure game. You join the game and
spawn near a teleport device which allows you guessed it, teleport! There's about 5 locations to which you can teleport to, including the awesome PvP arena! However, I don't recommend you to go into the PvP area as you just start out as the other players have overpowered weapons and will quickly kill you.

To get better you need to grind enemies.

It can get tedious with all the grinding so if that does not suit you then stay away from this. Also, it lacks a proper story but that's expected for a rpg on roblox. You can grind enemies by attacking monsters, and with the exp you get you can level up.
swordburst 2 levels
Swordburst 2 teleport system

It gets updates frequently and is well worth your time if you're looking for a new game to play!

You can collect various weapons such as sword, and use certain kinds of magic.
The game has lots of loot, so its perfect if you like gathering new shiny weapons and the game scratches that hoarding itch.
There is a possiblity to level, so you get stronger when training. When you level up, you can fight with bosses and when you defeat them you unlock new areas!

Check some gameplay below:

 You can follow the developers on Twitter here, @Blocky_Max @buildermans_son

My rating:

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Grand Crossing

Made by The Nighthawk Imperium

Grand Crossing screenshot

Grand Crossing is an adventure game,with added elements of RPG, and customization.
In the game you have various options for playing, and ill write about them in this post, and give tips on how to farm credits the easiest for the game.

You can play as various roles, and each role has different perks, and rules to follow.

Playing as citizen is the easiest for newcomers, so I recommend starting with that to explore the map.
You get spawned at the edge of the border, and your task is to find a way into the border, to rebel or work there. Going in the border can be done in different ways. Most popular is the route that leads you past the Nightguards. For that you need to pick up a passport at the passport booth.
Follow the big lines and you will be led into the border. Mind the signs, they show the rules of how to behave as citizen. Outside the border there are also options to get a pickaxe, to mine in the mines below the surface (jump off the bridge to find the mine).
mining grand crossing

After grinding money you can go up the stairs and get weapons. For a full explanation and tips to rob the vault read the part about the rebel role.

Playing as rebel requires you to join a group. After joining the group click on "teams and click the team name. You can find the group that you need to join here.
As a rebel you get a few extra perks such as cheaper weapons.
For a full experience you still need to buy weapons at the civilian spot, since you need certain items to blow up the bank. Weapons you definitely need are C4 and the Hacktool. Both will allow you to blow up certain shafts, and hack doors.
It also allows you to hack the arsenal for free good weapons (go left in the mall).

If you desperately need credits in Grand Crossing, go to the Roblox site, and visit the game page.
When on the page, go to the server tab as shown below and look for the server with the least amount of nightguards.

It is best if the server only has around 3 or 4 players, with no nightguards. This allows you to run to vault quickly. You can hack the doors at the border and run through there so you dont have to wait for C4 twice, making the run 1 or 2 minutes faster each time.

As nightguard you are in charge of fighting rebels, and letting people pass the border. Your job is to ensure no weapons come over the border, and warn or kill the ones that do try to carry weapons.
The nightguard group is required before you can join the team. You can join it here.

For a full guide watch the video below.

This is a pretty fun game, but it lacks some quality control, and certain weapons are too overpowered for the game. Also the fact Nightguards can do what they want without any punishment from the game for breaking rules is also a con.

The pros are that you can actually get a team easy since its hard for rebels to rob the vault, so many players like it when you team up. It can be great to play with friends, but you might have to serverhop a bit to find a server without overpowered enemies.

My rating:

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Since the start of Roblox in 2006, a lot has changed over the years.

If you ask users about the changes most have various opinions and images to show you.

Personally, I am more a fan of the memes.

I gathered the coolest memes that are made of Roblox characters or models.

1. The Death Sound.

The death sound is one of Roblox most well-known memes.

The death sound is perfect for remixes.
Check out these alternatives on the Roblox Death Sound for example.

2. Roblox Vines.

Yes, even Roblox has vines. Since the Vine platform is down all videos are hosted on Youtube these days. Best watched in complication style because the videos are so short.

3. Robox VS Real life.

In Roblox... Life is simpler.  Take chopping wood for example. In Roblox its a few mouse clicks, in real life its well. Not as simple.

4. Micheal P

Make sure to turn down your volume!
Micheal P was a well known Roblox Troll.

Suggestions? Post them in the comments!
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Tower Battles

Made by Planet3arth

Tower Battle Roblox

Tower Battles is a Tower Defense game with a twist.

In practice it is a simple tower defense, but you play with more people on the same map. Which means you gotta protect your base together, and attack the other players base at the same time!

What makes this game so fun is the competition. The game gets very hectic while you and your teammates place down towers as fast as possible. If you prefer 1v1 that is possible too, but the charm lies in the multiplayer and figuring out how to support your teammates as best as possible.

Tower Battles Matchmaking
Tower Battles Matchmaking system.

When you win matches you get credits, which you can use for upgrades such as powerful jeeps that mow down zombie enemies. And banana farms that make you loads of money over the course of a match.

The game is in Beta but it plays very smooth, altho sometimes you will encounter bugs. If you are not scared of some glitches, this game is a good try!

My rating:

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Made by Badimo

Jailbreak Roblox game
Jailbreak is a new game on Roblox.
It is an open world prison break game with survival and city life elements in it.

You start the game with a couple of options. First you have to choose your team.
If you choose criminal, you get spawned in a prison. Your job is to escape out of the prison through various methods. You can ask people to come pick you up in a helicopter, ask your friends if they can do a shoot out with the cops, or steal a keycard. There are many other options, but those are more fun if you can figure them out yourself!

After escaping the facility you need to fix yourself a car or risk a long walk to the city. There you can find weapons, and what you desire, lots of cash! There is a bank and jewelry store that beg to be robbed by you as criminal. Get a car, pick up some team mates and start a robbery.
This all would be very easy except there is police. The other option in the game.

If you join as police you will be spawned or at the jail, or at a police station. From there you can pick up weapons, tasers and more. Your job is to keep criminals inside the jail. If they leave the jail, bring them back.

But beware, as long as criminals don't do anything (not leave the jail, not commit crimes) you can not harm them. This will penalize you and you will not be able to play on the police side anymore.

Find the criminals that are robbing the stores and banks and get rewarded with fat bounty rewards to bring them back to jail.

With the cash you earn on both sides you can buy cars, special paint colors for the car and more.

This game is very fun because the teams are pretty balanced, although as starter it can be nice to start as cop. Because for a lot of people it is easier to catch a criminal, than to be one.

My rating:

Some tips to make cash fast in Jailbreak:

jailbreak roblox avatar carrying cash

1. Join as police, and find a server with a lot of criminals. Arguably police have the overhand, and it is easy to catch criminals. By serverhopping (joining new servers after you are done with one) and catching all the criminals in one go you can earn money fast. This is recommended if you are good at playing this game.

2. One that is not very nice, but very profitable is camping the bank or store as police. Wait till they robbed the store and have a bounty, and then catch them for the biggest profits. They get loot, you get the bounties.
Watch for messages in the chat like these to catch more criminals:
chat message roblox
Click the doors of cars if they are in the cars to get them outside to arrest.

3. Make a private server with friends.
If you or one of your friends makes a private server you can play without being arrested by cops the whole time, making the game a lot easier. Make one of your friends join as cop and steal their keycard. They can switch back and you can rob the store and bank together really easy without interference from the cops in Jailbreak.

Have more tips? Post them in the comments.

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Cleaning Simulator

Made By BribbleCO

Cleaning Simulator is not your usual Roblox game.
When you start out you notice your avatar has changed to a Blob. A colored one.
Your task is to clean the factory from all the rubbish and water. For some reason there is a lot of water, I recommend they check the roof sometime.
The game has a lot of things to do, you can clean (Surprising!), play music and even have bossbattles.

What makes this game great is that you can start it up with a couple of friends to have some great times.

My rating:

If you want to play Cleaning Simulator with friends read the guide below.

Start the game.
Then go to "Flexexplorer"

Make a room by clicking on "Create a Room".
Let your friends join your game, and press "Start Playing".

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So you have finished your project and have your game.
What now?

Bob the Dev.
Bob the dev: What now?

Most developers will wait till the players will come, or spend a few thousand ROBUX on advertisements.

This soon fails when they run out of funds, or can not seem to hold the players in the game.

The reason is that there are different aspects to a popular game.
Just having a good game these days is not enough.
But with this advice, your game can become the next Jailbreak, or Murder Mystery.

First advice.

Reach out to the popular people!
That is very easy for me to say, but you how do exactly go about that?
Dropping into a stream on can do wonders if your game is good. Many streamers would love to try a game that has not been seen before.

twitch site category ROBLOX

Youtubers are usually very active on Twitter. Try sending them a PM there. You can find a lot of Youtubers that play Roblox by searching for the ROBLOX hashtag.

Second advice.

Make sure your game is actually "fun". How harsh this may sound, the game might not be as fun as you think it is. Let other people try the game so you can get good feedback. Try posting your game on for example. Make an account and post to the subreddit. They will mostly give very honest feedback. Which brings us to the third tip.

Third advice.

Be active in forums. Now the Roblox forums have shut down you lost a way to promote your game.
That was a big channel for a lot of small devs to get their game know. Google around and search for game related forums that have a ROBLOX section. Post your game there. Do not overdo this, and make sure your post belongs to the forum. If not, it is spam and you will get your posts deleted. Which will trash your efforts.

Fourth advice.

Keep encouraged! Advertising can be the hardest part of making a game popular, but if you keep trying you will succeed. Keep updating your game, keep searching for ways to promote your Roblox game and the rewards will show.

If you have any tips for devs that try to promote their game with no ROBUX feel free to share so in the comments.

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