Adventure Forward 2

Made by: Explode1

New adventure game made it onto ROBLOX.
While I normally am not a big fan of adventure games on Roblox this one astounded me.
Everything was great about this game. The music, the movement and the maps.
Lets start with the game play.
You are a star savior completing levels and getting rewards.
These rewards open new levels and other stuff like levels.
The main goal of levels is collecting the stars.
After you do that you can go for another round and complete the challenge, which is an extra obstacle course through the level that is a bit harder.

This game plays in single-player, which is the best choice in my honest opinion.
With adventure games you need your alone space to make sure you can get sucked right into the story and not be bothered by other random players.

When you play for a short while you will notice that the game has some great tunes!
Instead of short loops this game uses longer tracks so you do not get annoyed by the same music the whole time.
All courses I played so far have different music that is related to the map you play.

Course 2 was in style of jazz so I heard a lot of jazz instruments!

See below for some screenshots of various levels you will see in the beginning.

My rating:

Solid 9/10!

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New Free Shooter on ROBLOX (Kinetic Code)

Made by: Team !mpact

There is a new shooter on the Roblox gamepage.
Shooting games are nothing new but this game is very polished and uses new unique ways to display a GUI and menus.

You have a variety of guns which you can customize with free coins from playing.

I personally loved the sniper.
It is powerful and very quick. With the sniper you keep a strategic position easily.
The other guns are kinda pale compared to the sniper but might have a great use pushing as a team.

Playing with the M16, following my team!

I wont rate this game since it is still in Alpha, but I will follow the progress closely.
This can turn out to be a great game and a worthy contender to other FrontPage Roblox FPS games.

Follow the developer on Twitter here.
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The list on the best Copycat games on ROBLOX.

It is pretty much a known secret that a lot of games on ROBLOX are inspired by other games.
ROBLOX has an engine for building games that people can access through ROBLOX Studio.
With that program you can build your own games. It also lends itself to scripting and much more so you can see interesting results on what is build. There are tycoons (or as some call them incremental games), shooters, strategy games and music games. Check out the rest of the blog to see some examples.
I made this list because there are a lot of games inspired by other games, and I wanted to see which ones are the best copycats of other games.
For the record, I do not say these games are bad. In fact, they are on this list of the best copycat games because they did a great job at doing so!

But without further ado, lets go check out the best copycat games.
With a bit of eye-squinting you too can see what games are supposed to be their counterpart.

Number 1.
Counter-Blox: Roblox offensive

The name itself leaves for not that much imagination. I think we all know what this game is inspired by. Even the name of the developer-group is ROLVe Community.
ROLVe, VALVE, close enough I guess.

The game itself also plays like it. You have the same guns, the same teams and even the same maps.
Remember Dust 2? Yes, it is included.
Check below for some screenshots.

Us on CT spawn, ready to win the war on terrorism.

Can you guess what side of Dust 2 I am on?

CT defusing the bomb on Counter-Blox

The weapons. Very similar!

 Want to play? Click here

Number 2.
Pokemon Fighters EX

Oh boy this one is cheating. There are a lot of Pokémon games on ROBLOX.
Lets make a list of the most popular Pokémon copycat games. A list in a list. Inception.

1. Pokemon Fighters EX
2. Pokémon Universe
3. Pokémon Legends
4. Project Pokémon
5. Pokémon Adventures
6. Pokémon Reborn
7. Pokémon Battlebrawlers
8. Pokémon Brick-Bronze

These games are pretty much all the same. A few are in 3d, some are in 2d.
The maps can be fairly interesting if you are a fan of the Pokémon games. Some of the games are pretty big and offer a lot of content. They all have the same battle-system. Kill pokémon, level, and defeat gyms.

Check some screenshots below to get an impression. These are taken from Pokémon Brick-Bronze.

Number 3.
Hotline ROBLOX

Hotline ROBLOX does not leave much imagination. It is Hotline Miami, set in ROBLOX.
The developer did a great job making this game and it shows. Not much to tell about this one since it is pretty much a 1 on 1 copy, with the gore included.
Check this video below for some game-play. (made by PerpWifi)

Number 4.
League of ROBLOX

League of ROBLOX is a game inspired of League Of Legends.
With the same skillsets, new characters (over 30 characters for free) and other maps it can be a fresh play.
There is a small dedicated group of players who play each day so it might be hard to get into it since a lot of them are on a higher skill level. With this post there will be more players so it could be easier.

Check some screenshots below

Number 5.
Apocalypse Rising

Apocalypse Rising is a Day-Z clone. But a very good one at that!
It has everything a survival game needs. But where Day-Z falls short with glitches, bugs, bad hit-registration and more Day-Z improved on that. If you get past the blocks and low graphic details it is a very intense shooter suitable to play with friends and have a blast. Open public servers make sure you always find new players to fight against or sniper blast from your little tower you found.
I am really impressed with this one because it is a decent, solid copycat.

Check the trailer to see more of this game.

Number 6.

This game is a lot like Club Penguin or Toontown Rewritten. Since that one closed down this is the closest you will find to the original game. Collect Meeps, play mini-games and decorate your house.

See below for a few screenshots:

Number 7.
Murder Mystery 2

This game plays like a well known Gmod game that you can purchase on Steam.
When you play this minigame  you will be either an innocent, a detective, or a murderer.
The murderer has to kill everyone without being caught by the detective. I recommend you play this game with a few friends over Discord or Skype. It will become hard to keep a poker-face while you kill your friends.

Check below for a few screenshots

That concludes my list.
If you have any games I missed that need a mention post a comment and I will see if I can add it!

Credit to Reddit user thegreatrifta For suggesting some of these games.
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How to download games on ROBLOX?

Many people see other people taking games and using them as their own place. It is nice when you want to try new scripts on an existing game on ROBLOX so that is why they download the games.
In this tutorial I will show you how to just that!

If you do not have ROBLOX you can download ROBLOX here.

Step 1:

Find Uncopylocked games. You can find uncopylocked games like this:

After searching for one log in and make sure you have ROBLOX studio downloaded.
I use the topresult. The Laser Tag Arena. AFter you clicked on the game you see Three dots in the upper corner.

Click on that. After that ROBLOX studio will download and we come to the next step!

Step 2:

You will see this screen now:
Follow the steps on screen starting with 1 to publish the game to ROBLOX to use it on your own server!
Sign in to your account, then click publish. If you go to your profile on ROBLOX you will see the game now and can play it.

Hope this helped you!
Leave a comment if you have any tips for other ROBLOXers.

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For some information on who he is.

 Today there was an interview between forumusers on Reddit and Briguy9876.
He was part of the ROBLOX staff .

He joined ROBLOX in 2007. After he found a Youtuber he played ROBLOX for the first time. And as everyone he loved the game! He started a site called Briguy's ROBLOX when fansites were very popular between ROBLOX users.
After he made the site he was messaged by a ROBLOX staff member to become a forum moderator on the ROBLOX forums. Briguy9876 was cut from the team when the forum moderators all became paid staff members. When Briguy9876 turned 18 he was messaged again, this time as a paid staff member for ROBLOX. He did this work for two years before he quit.

We were lucky to find a forum thread with him! The interview is posted below.

One of the first questions asked and the most interesting one was that one user asked Briguy what the community mostly complained about back then. Briguy9876 replied shortly after with this reply, "the community".
It was a very funny reply because these days the community of ROBLOX also complains about itself the most of the time. He showed that the complaints have been the same all the years.

After that he got a question where the user asked him if he wanted to become a staff member again. Briguy9876 replied shortly with that he did not want to join the company again unless they changed internally. He thinks that the direction the company is going is not the right one.

One user asked if he remembered Brickbattle. He gave a reply in where he said that games back then were more like tech-demos. Unlike today in which the games are full fledged games. Games from back then will only get a few minutes of attention these days.

Users also asked if he remembered his favorite Showcase on ROBLOX from back in the days. He replied that he goes back once in a while to his favorite showcase called Khranos.

 One of the burning questions a user had was is how much do ROBLOX staff members get paid?
Apparently it is 10 dollar a hour, which is very nice knowing you can do this work from home on your computer.

If  you want more information about being a ROBLOX staff member you can go here .

 There is more information about the interview with Briguy9876 here if you want to read everything!

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Always wanted your own avatar as toy?
Since a short while the official site from ROBLOX toys is up.
You can visit it here.

So far you can not order any items.
But it will look like you can order a ROBLOX figurine that looks exactly as the character you have on ROBLOX.

This was posted on the site mentioned earlier.

It is 24 days from now when the store will open and we will have a review up about the store then.
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Purple Skittles

Made by First Church of Bubbleism


Purple Skittles is a game that challenges you to the hardest air-hockey games you have ever played. 
You start as the guy shown here:
Your job is to collect 8 purple skittles and save the kingdom. While you are busy collecting the gems you get attacked by random passerby's that try to challenge you to a game of air hockey.
Purple Skittles has a healthy dose of humor and it shows.

This is one of the cutscenes the developer made.

The fighting style is also new and not done before which gives a fresh breath in the genre of games on ROBLOX. You pick a choice between four boxes that allow you to fight, pick an item, special moves or run.

If you pick fight you will see this

The enemy will shoot a load of pucks towards you and your job is to stop them all. If you stop them you survive, and you get a chance to shot one puck towards to the enemy. If you do this right the enemy will loose health. Keep continuing and you will win the battle and level up!

So far as I have played there are a lot of maps, and a lot of dialogue to play through which makes this game very fun and interesting. Give it a shot!

My rating:
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